Toddler Dinners : The Tools

Feeding a small human is a task in itself somedays. So to make life easier, here are a few of my favorite tools that I love and couldn’t live without.


Libbey 6.5oz glass containers with plastic lids –

These Libbey glass containers. I made all of BabyBird’s purees when he was a baby and these containers were the perfect portion to store my homemade goodies. Plus they were also a great way to transport them to and from daycare. And since they are made of glass, I didn’t have to worry about BPA and they did not stain. Now that he is a toddler, these containers are perfect to store pasta portions or a little bit of left overs to save for the next meal. We still use them for his lunches for daycare, and 4 of these pack perfectly in his lunch box.



Geo Animal Divided Plates, made of melamine and eco-friendly bamboo. Phthalate- and BPA-free. Pottery Barn Kids

Divided Plates. There’s a lot of them out there, but I fell in love with these at Pottery Barn Kids {along with most things from that store}. They have little rubber feet on the back so it helps to keep the plate in place as he is practicing in using his fork. And although somedays I complain about it having 4 divided sections and therefore trying to find 4 different foods to fill it with at each meal it does almost guarantee that he is getting a well balanced meal.



Amco Collapsible Steamer, Stainless Steel –

A steamer tray. This fits perfectly inside one of my pots and I use it a lot to steam his broccoli or carrots so it helps to perserve the nutrients in the food while I cook it. I drizzle in some olive oil and seasonings right on top when the food is almost done cooking to add in some flavor.




What are some of your must have items for feeding a toddler?

Toddler Meals

Summers in Colorado this year have been hot, like 3 digit hot day after day without much relief in sight. On these hot summer nights, the last thing I want to do is to prep and cook a hot meal {much less stand outside in the 100 degrees and BBQ} so we’ve been making and having summer veggie pasta. Various roasted vegetables with seasonings and tossed with some type of pasta noodle. Easy and great comfort food for these hot summer nights.

strawberries // steamed peas // roasted tomato and cheese tortellini with sautéed spinach // cheddar cheese


Gobbled up the entire plate and even asked for seconds. Here he is signing {baby sign language} for more.

A cleaned plate.

Peas are one of BabyBird’s favorite foods, it comes in just below cheese. Now this guy cracks me up whenever I he gets his eyes on his plate of food. He inspects each compartment and dives right into his favorite one, which generally is always the cheese.

Pretty much all of the food we eat is organic. Especially milk, eggs, cheese, and berries {which is 95% of BabyBird’s diet} and most vegetables we buy and cook are fresh and organic too. We get our eggs from our local food share program, and get half a dozen of farm fresh eggs each week, and are super tasty.



Oh, what a rough weekend. Saturday night, I got hit hard with an insane headache accompanied with chills and then ultimately a fever. I was on the verge of begging someone to scoop out my brains with a dull spoon in hopes it would make the pain go away. So needless to say, Saturday night sucked. Royally. But hubs was super sweet and made me tea, and brought me crackers. He was up too, working on work stuff and came to bed much later after I had finally fallen asleep. After some meds, I finally fell into a zombie-like sleep with 3 layers on plus my fluffy robe under the covers.

BabyBird was awesome and slept the entire night through and didn’t hear a peep out of him until the next morning at 6am sharp. I hung out with BabyBird in our bedroom and then crawled walked downstairs to make him breakfast.

Now before I continue on, I have to say that breakfast is Daddy’s speciality and the two of them have a great rhythm when it comes to this meal everyday. Each morning they head downstairs and eat a greek yogurt with baby oatmeal.

Every once in awhile on the weekends, I’ll be the one preparing breakfast for him and get to feed him his daily yogurt mix. BabyBird loves his breakfast and enjoys gobbling it up every morning.

Except today. You see, I made the epic of all epic-ness of mistakes. I shudder even now thinking back to what I did. It was horrible. Absolutely a terrible mistake.

I swirled the oatmeal in with the yogurt.

Why did I do such wretched a thing? Because I knew he liked eating his yogurt and oatmeal together in the same bite. So the obvious course of action would be for me to mix the two together. Wrong. BabyBird saw what I did, and oh boy did he throw a fit. He was soo upset, tears everywhere and after trying to console him over and over and asking if we could just start over with a fresh yogurt he wasn’t buying it. In his last act of pure desperation of how I single handedly ruined breakfast, he cries out “Da-Da” over and over. Daddy comes downstairs to see what in the world was going on, and tried to console BabyBird and attempt to savage breakfast. BabyBird by this time was too upset, and breakfast was over.

After I explained what had happened earlier. Daddy nodded silently.

You don’t swirl the oatmeal & yogurt together, he hates that. You dip it.


Toddler Meals

Let me start by saying, this kid can eat. At some meals, he eats more than me. Other times, I do not understand how he is surviving on just a few bites of cheese and peas.

His first solid food was loving dubbed Mommy’s Guacamole {ripe avocado blended with breastmilk} and he gobbled it up. Once he figured out how to use his tongue and move it around in his mouth. From there we tried every blended fruit and veggie combo and finally settled on sweet potato and avocado blended with banana as his favorites. This kid ate his fair share of sweet potatoes.

Now that we are in toddlerhood, this kid gobbles up a wide variety of food and most of the time is not shy on trying new things. Except sandwiches, he won’t touch them.

I’ve been curious as to what other toddler’s eat, and I’ve loved Brandy’s Toddler Dinners over at Mannlymama and her photogs of her little one’s meals. So I thought I’d share one of BabyBird’s favorite meals.

sautéed zucchini with olive oil & a little garlic salt // bite sized orange pieces // curly noodles & peas in marinara sauce with mozzarella cheese // blueberries


Chowing down 2 helpings of pasta and blueberries.



I got these plates from Pottery Barn Kids, and they’ve been great and I use them every night. Most of the time he eats what we are having for dinner, plus a side of fruit. Somedays it’s easy to find 4 unique foods to put into each compartment, and he’s always so excited to sit down and see what he is having. He generally goes for the fruit first {as seen above, eating the blueberries before touching anything else} and then move on to the next food, but now he has learned trained his Momma to refill a certain compartment by tapping in the empty space asking for seconds while saying “Mooore?”

Then there are nights when he eats a handful of blueberries, an applesauce and call it a night. I guess it all balances out in the end.