Five on Friday: Nesting & Summer Time



Nesting has hit.

– Each night I do one load of laundry – that’s one complete load. Washed, dried and put away. Every. Single. Night. How do we go through so many articles of clothing with just 3 people? But if I skip a night or two, I end up with a mountain of laundry. It’s has become my nightly routine to fold and put away clothes before going to bed.

– We completed our playroom aka transformed our formal dining room into Montessori inspired play area. A few weeks ago, I sweet talked the hubs into hanging 10 shelves and finally organized and put away all of our arts & craft materials. Now it’s a nice and toddler friendly area for BabyBird to wander into and play without much supervision.

– The backyard is in progress, I have a layout and design in mind and now I just need to find a crew to do the heavy labor and lifting to change the landscape. I’m hoping to get it all put together before this little one arrives so we have a fun outdoor space to play.



I have been Craig’s List/Garage Sale shopping a lot lately. I scored our double chariot bike trailer off of CL, a playhouse for outside and even found the matching play structure. Along with a big collection of Tonka trucks, bikes & ride on toys, picnic table, water table for outside and even some baby items for this little girl that’s kicking me non-stop each night.



Sometime in these last few weeks, BabyBird has slowed down in the eating department. I never force him to clean his plate at any meal, but lately he’s just been picking at things or not eating much at all. Guess we are in a lull in the growing phase. I’m trying not to stress too much about it, but he is a skinny dude already and it wouldn’t hurt for him to pack on a few pounds. But I know he’s healthy and is super active and this non-interest in food will pass.

He'll never turn down a froyo date or fruit

He’ll never turn down a froyo date or fruit



This summer has been amazingly fun and filled with so many activities and get togethers with friends. Somedays I have to slow down and remind myself that I’m also 31 weeks pregnant. But I also don’t want to miss out on any fun summer activities while it’s still just the 3 of us. Now that this kiddo is pretty much 2.5 years old, he can roll with our daily activities pretty well – we can have later lunches and naps and he is pretty flexible (to an extent) so I no longer feel chained to getting home by a certain time for naps.

Giving the stink eye to the splash fountain after meeting up with Daddy for a picnic lunch date of street tacos

Giving the stink eye to the splash fountain after meeting up with Daddy for street tacos on Pearl St. Mall



This kid and his Daddy have been going out on some epic biking adventures in these last few weeks. BabyBird totally rocks out in the chariot and they’ve explored all of the parks and have gone out on 20+ mile bike rides. They go out in the evenings when it’s cooler and he loves just to sit barefoot and hang out. Which gives me a break and time alone to make dinner or relax for a little bit before the bedtime routine. Plus this kid is pretty adorable.


Rockin’ the chariot

during a bike ride

Daddy: “You doing okay back there?”

BabyBird: “Yeeah” ::long pause:: “You doing okay up there, dada?”

Daddy: ::while pedaling:: “Yeah, bud I’m doing great”


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Georgetown Railroad

Last Monday, we drove up to the mountains to ride the Georgetown Loop Railroad on one of their diesel locomotives through the Clear Creek canyon. Or in other words, getting to ride a Thomas-like train and blow the mind of a 2.5 year old. I’ve learned {the hard way} to not tell BabyBird what we are doing the night before so I waited until that morning to surprise him with the day’s activity. We talked about it all during breakfast and the ride up to Georgetown – about 1.5hr car ride from our house. We met up with our good friends who we’ve known since our kiddos were still baking inside of us and our two boys are less than 2 weeks apart in age. And ironically enough we are both pregnant again and with girls this round and they will be about 2 months apart in age.

Once we got up to Georgetown and bought our tickets, the boys totally understood what was about to go down. BabyBird was so excited to get on the train and I think the anticipation of actually getting on the train was equally if not more fun than the actual train ride.







The ride was a total of 1 hour – which was a bit long for a 2.5 year old. He loved the first 30 minutes and sat still for the ride, but on the way back he was much more wiggly and ready to get up and walk around and I also ran out of snacks. The look on these two boys faces whenever the train went choo-choo at intersections & crossings was absolutely priceless.

Afterwards, we headed into town to a local cafe for some sandwiches and took them to a nearby park to eat & play. Georgetown is not that big, it’s a cute little mountain town so just imagine two pregnant chicks {with one that is due in 2 weeks} walking waddling through downtown in matching jogging strollers with two little half-asian boys in tow. We were quite the sight. And it didn’t take long for the employes at the cafe to notice along with some of their customers to remark just how adorable we were.



The park was awesome, it had a cute tree-house theme but the best part was this little fountain in the middle which left a puddle. Guess who played in that for almost an hour? And yes, he got completely soaked – that’s why you see him in 3 different outfits in these pictures.



Dear Playground Designers: Why would you do this? I realize that it’s cute and all for the adults to pick a font that is kid like, but for any kids that attempt to read or recognize the letters it is just so confusing. BabyBird kept asking me why the letters were uh-ohs.



Can you just see how tired he looks in this picture? This was about 3 hours after his normal nap time, but he was in good spirits. We headed home afterwards and he promptly crashed in the car ride home. I guess that’s a sign of a good time.


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4th of July & First Race

I’m catching up on our summer adventures, so don’t mind me posting about 4th of July on the last week of July. Better late than never – right?

We had a low key 4th of July this year. Our city actually celebrates the 4th on the 3rd with a big fireworks show and carnival games for the kids but since it was hotter than all hell this week, we decided to forgo the fireworks (and the fact that they don’t start until dusk which is way past a little someone’s bedtime) but we did sign up for our little city’s 4k race and kid dash. Now when I said ‘we’ I meant the hubs signed up for the 4k.

BabyBird knows that Daddy runs in races and we always meet him at the finish line which is usually different than the starting line. But since our suburban city is pretty small, the start and finish line was at the same place which made it really easy for us to cheer for Daddy. Except when it came time for Daddy to start the run, BabyBird got all upset and sad that he had ran away. Oh dear. We walked over to our car to get breakfast and apply a good coat of sunscreen and by the time we made it back, the announcers were cheering on the finishers. Yikes, in the time it took us to walk to the car and back, Daddy finished a 4k.


Fueling up while Daddy ran the 4k.


Munching away on the snacks.


Uh… what? Crossing those legs, seriously? (and don’t mind that random guy in the background)


First running bib. This one kills me.


There are just so many funny things going on in this picture. First off, I have no idea who these other kids are but hopefully they don’t mind being in this picture. I love #449’s expression on his face and the smirk on #833. BabyBird was one of the youngest to run the 40 yard dash and he did so well. I was kinda afraid he would get distracted, but once the other kids started running he ran right towards me with all of his might.


That kid in the #449 bib still cracks me up. And check out that side eye from #827 in the green shirt.

BabyBird was so proud to be standing in line and waiting for his group to run. The organizers were great (they must have been coaches or something because they totally spoke kid language and were great at getting all of the kids to listen and follow directions, most of the runners were grade school aged)


A proud little guy showing his ribbon to an even more proud Daddy.

Afterwards, was the 1/4 mile race around the path that leads to 3 playgrounds. BabyBird and Daddy ran the course together and he ran the entire way too. Most of the kids were a lot older and they sprinted the way and a few got distracted half way and made pit stops at the playground – ha!

We went home for showers, lunch & naps. Afterwards we headed out to one of our favorite hikes along the Boulder Creek.




And ended the day at our local ice cream shop, Sweet Cow.

This was also when Mommy forgets to say “kid sized” scoop of ice cream and he lucked out and got a full scoop. Oops?




Babymoon in San Francisco

In early June, we ventured out to San Francisco together for a vacation sans toddler for an extended weekend. The hubs was already there for the annual Apple Developers Conference.



Our cozy, comfy and cute hotel room. Or in other words – small hotel room but it was absolutely charming and right on Union Square which made it super convenient getting around town.



After dinner stroll along the pier.



FaceTime with my little buddy back home who I missed very much, but he was having a blast with his grandparents.


A ferry tour ride to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.




Don’t let the smile fool you, it was freezing that day at the Golden Gate Bridge. But it was cool to see the clouds & fog.




Bump and I in front of Chinatown.



Japanese Tea Garden inside the Golden Gate Park

tea garden


It was a great trip, but we are also equally excited to come home and greet our little guy and wrap him up in our arms. We got home late Monday night, like 11pm, and upon coming inside and catching up with grandparents, the little guy woke up and I won’t forget the look on his face. He was absolutely shocked to see us and was soo happy and excited to see and touch mommy’s face, it about melted my heart. Then in true fashion, he asked to go back to bed – ha! Poor guy was tuckered out and was ready to sleep more. The next morning he was so excited to wake up and see us and he didn’t let me out of his sight for the rest of the week.