First Camping Trip

Oh, the good days of summer. I grew up camping as a kid in the summer & when you grow up in the wild open spaces of Alaska it was just something you did growing up. Now as a parent to two little ones, I was excited to take them camping for the very first time.

Now to be fair, our inspiration for camping this summer was actually seeing Memorial Day sales at REI for tents. What better way to start of the summer than a first family camping trip? Lexi was around 8 months old and sleeping pretty well at night, so we thought – oh why not. Lets go camping!

I borrowed a Bjorn Travel Crib from another mom for Lexi [we ended up cuddling & co-slept instead], we packed the car, double checked we indeed had 4 sleeping bags and off we went to Golden Gate Park.



True to Colorado weather, within 30minutes of arriving the clouds rolled in and we got dumped on. Pouring rain which sent me and the kids to the car for cover while the hubs finished setting up the tent and then joined us. Rain then turned into hail.

IMG_4706 IMG_4703 IMG_4712 IMG_4714

After the storm passed, we headed out for a short hike to the fishing ponds by our campsite.

IMG_4724 IMG_4750 IMG_4739 IMG_4736 IMG_4730

We didn’t catch anything but had a lot of fun. Cayden loved casting his rod into the pond and waiting ever so patiently for a bite. I wore Lexi in the ergo and she was snug as a bug and snoozed the entire time.

Afterwards we hiked back to the campsite, started a camp fire [which proved to be a bit more difficult due to the rain storm earlier] grilled hotdogs and marshmallows, and explored around our campsite. Around dinner time, another family brought in their stuff and began to setup tent. We also won in the camping lottery because they had two boys who were also 3 years old. I think we were the only families with little kids at the whole campground. So needless to say, the boys had fun running around, finding sticks and playing together until it was bedtime.

Sleep wise… Cayden was amazing! He slept between us and was super cozy and fell asleep right away. Lexi on the other hand slept okay for being a baby and going camping. She slept right next to me and I got a few hours of sleep here and there.

The next morning we packed everything up and explored the rest of the park and went on a few more hikes, another fishing attempt and then called it a day.


Editor Note: We went camping May 30th, the weekend after Memorial Day aka the official start of summer – don’t mind the published date on this blog post. 


First Family Bike Ride

IMG_1911 IMG_5645

Tee hee. I love this picture. Skinned knees [sign of a good summer], baby toes and a helmet that is just a tad overpowering on baby girl.


IMG_5647 IMG_5656 IMG_5663

Last summer when we came to this park, I remember vividly thinking to myself that by next year at this time he will have a little buddy to ride shot gun.


These two surprised us and got along pretty well together in the Chariot & have managed to keep limbs to themselves. Lexi is not a fan of the helmet, but once we start riding she calms down and is usually good for the whole ride.

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day weekend packed full with end of summer activities as we soak in the last bit of sunshine and weeks of being a family of three.

We kicked it off with a trip to our local outdoor aquatics park. These two boys spent the majority of the day doing the slides over and over. They loved it and had a great time. We met up with a few friends and it was great being able to catch up and see how big our little ones have grown.

By noon it was getting too hot and crowded so we left and grabbed lunch at Larkburger, one of our favorite lunch spots.

pool pool2

Sunday morning we packed some snacks and headed to Eldorado Canyon State Park to hike and walk around the Boulder Creek and to check out the waterfalls. The first little trail we took was just a half mile but it was perfect for BabyBird to wander and walk on his own then afterwards we ventured out on some smaller trails that were right next to the creek. We stopped many times to admire sticks, pick up rocks and flowers – it was fun letting him explore and wander around. We found a good spot towards the end to throw rocks into the creek – which is by far this kid’s favorite activity.

hike4hike us

We took it easy Monday morning and just hanged out at home in the morning listening to music and playing. This kid loves Mumford & Sons, especially I Will Wait and Babel and we had those two songs & music videos playing on repeat all morning. He’ll take out his guitar {which is really a ukulele we got in Hawaii on our Honeymoon} and strum along with the songs. It’s pretty darn adorable listening to this little guy sing “I will wait for you…”

After nap – Daddy got the bike & chariot ready for an epic 2 hour long bike ride down to Sterns Lake and back for a 25 mile round trip on the bike. This little guy is a total champ and loves these trips with Daddy. They got to see a big freight train go by and wave to the conductor and rode home in the sunset. And they both crashed tonight and I haven’t heard a peep from the little one since we tucked him in – which is a big deal because we’ve been working on the transition to his big boy bed and his new found freedom.

bikeride bikeride2 bikeride3


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Boating with Papa

On the last weekend in June, we loaded up the car and headed down to the reservoir to go boating. BabyBird’s grandpa restores old wooden lymen boats and we’ve gone boating every summer since I can remember.

This was last summer.



and this summer. It’s crazy how much he has grown in just one year. BabyBird loves helping Papa drive the boat.




This year, BabyBird was big enough to go on the inner tube (with Daddy of course) and go for a ride around the reservoir. This kid has no fear, I tell you. Papa drove around and went in circles making waves to bounce these two boys around and they had a blast.

By mid-morning some storm clouds started to roll in so we headed off to find a cozy cove to hang out in and ate lunch. We also went exploring on the shore and spent a good few hours making mud castles and playing with the water. This kid must have fetched a few dozen buckets of water to pour into the little river that was made and didn’t even flinch being submerged in the water.




The water guns were a hit and he had a great time learning how to fill his and shoot his Daddy & Papa.




A perfect summer day spent boating.


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