Things My Toddler Says


As this baby of mine grows each day and slowly out grows his pants and shirts, I am constantly reminded that he is growing into his own little person with his own set of  likes and dislikes. Like how he always makes sure every dresser drawer is closed tightly each night before going to bed, or the certain way to arrange his lovies on his bed. And when he gets upset that the remote is not put back in the right place. But the best part of watching him grow up is the hilarious things that comes out of this kid’s mouth. The cute little catch phrases he picks up from school, or books we read or the everyday phrases we use around the house but don’t really notice until a 3ft tall person repeats it back to us. They really are just little sponges and parrots. Here are some recent gems:

::     “No, mommy don’t smush it like that!” BabyBird said this to me as I sat down on the couch and he was upset that I was making wrinkles in the couch cushion when I sat down. Sorry kiddo, but I can’t help that.

::    “Bye, doctor. See ya!” BabyBird said this to the physician assistant on our way out of a doctor appointment this week after I asked him what do you say after she gave him a lollipop. I was expecting him to say thank you, but instead he was pretty excited to leave.

::    “No more monkeys jumpin’ on the bed” When I introduced BabyBird to the doctor that came into the exam room and told him that he was a doctor.

::    “Not yet” BabyBird’s default reply when I ask him if he needs to go potty.

::    BabyBird is playing in the other room and I can hear that he’s getting frustrated with whatever he was working on and then I hear “Patience, patience!” grumbled from across the room.

::    At pick up from school every afternoon (he goes 2 days a week) I always ask how his day was, and he’ll always reply with a list of the things he ate for snack.

::    “Notebook” His comeback phrase. Which makes absolutely no sense other than it’s a reference to Blue’s Clues. Now we tell him that it doesn’t make any sense and he replies “Two cents”

::    “Proud of you” He says this to himself now after each successful potty trip.

::    “Momma, dadda… family” This one almost made this pregnant momma tear up at Chipotle when he proudly announced it to the whole restaurant.

::    “Phone. Minute. Cooks” Home cooked dinner each night is brought to you by the iPhone. Someone has caught on to how it works and will only ask for it around 5pm.

::    “No laughing” BabyBird is starting to get sensitive in certain situations when he thinks we are laughing or giggle at what he is doing or saying.

::    BabyBird sleeps with this Soothe & Glow Seahorse that plays a lullaby when you press on the tummy every night and recently has been humming the tune that it plays. The other day, he pressed his own tummy and starts to hum the song. Now anytime during the day, I can press on BabyBird’s tummy and he’ll hum the tune.


This kid cracks me up and sometimes I have to bite my tongue, literally, to not start busting up at the shenanigans he is up to. He is putting more and more words and phrases together to make his own sentences and it’s such a delight to watch him formulate these thoughts into words. Though some pronouns & tenses get mixed up but I can generally make sense of what he is trying to say. But don’t ever try to hold a conversation with someone else in the room, because he’ll butt right in and add his own comments or demand my attention. I know I’m not alone in this and it’s kinda adorable, most of the time, to see him get a bit jealous when the attention is not on him during a conversation. Because surely mommy shouldn’t be talking to anyone else except him.

BabyBird is 2 years & 2 months old.

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Wordless Wednesday : Being Two…

bubblesis so awesome most days.

but then somedays it can be so hard being two. Today was one of those days

thank goodness for nap time


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Toddler Power


Dear BabyBird,

We’re starting to see some really strong-willed (and still mostly adorable) attitude out of you! Right on the heels of so much speech you’re now eager to tell us exactly what to do, stand your ground on things that really matter (everything?), and even make some really creative jokes.

One of the first commands we started getting is SELF. This comes out when you’re doing anything from climbing the stairs to sitting down for lunch to putting something away. If we start to help you, you’ll quickly say “Self” and if we accidentally – or intentionally – do it for you anyway, you’ll wave your arms frantically bleating “Self! Self! Self!”, go all the way back (or take the thing back) to exactly where you started, and do it all by yourself from there. But at least you’re getting tons of practice doing things all by yourself!

You’re also getting pretty determined to get up in the morning – or end your nap – whenever you see fit. You’ll stand up and yell “Mama, c’mere!” or just “ALL DONE NAPPING!”, and when we finally drag ourselves into the room follow up with “No more napping either. Downstairs.” Speaking of which, you’re entirely too obsessed with the word either. You add it on to the end of every random thing for emphasis, and it doesn’t even make any sense!


Which brings us to yet another topic: humor. When I tell you something doesn’t make any sense, you smirk and say “Two cents”. Like I really need your two cents! You also intentionally swap the wrong words into songs or sentences and will laugh uncontrollably when we do it in return. And when you’ve done something silly or outright naughty you’ll call it out with “Hee hee…”, so very aware of – and delighted by – the mischief you’re making.

The only time this gets incredibly tiring is during meals when we just can’t get you to focus and eat, but it’s usually only at home, when both of us or there, or if you’re not very hungry. For some reason when it’s just you and me you’re actually very well behaved at meals, just sitting and eating and imitating me, but the presence of two parents seems to turn it into one big circus. We’re working on that.

You’ve also started pulling off some great surprises on us. One night at dinner I said I was going to take your plate away and you babbled what sounded like “Adios!”, which made Mama do a double take and ask “What?!”. So with a grin you immediately belted out the entire Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish (complete with the usual hand motions), which we’ve never done with you or seen before. Apparently you did it at school and just wanted to show it off all perfect and polished. You were so proud and we mostly stared, speechless, happy and mind-blown, for a few seconds before offering a huge high-five for an awesome job!

You also figured out how to go into Contacts on an iPhone, swipe through people to find Daddy, Grandmama, or Papa, find the FaceTime button, and call them… which was hilarious when I got a call upstairs in the bathroom from you ready for me to come down for breakfast, and randomly saying hi to grandparents in the middle of the day. While we don’t spend a lot of time on electronic devices yet, you’ve still managed to picked up how they work wicked fast and love showing it off.


One other thing you’ve just started doing – which couldn’t have arrived more appropriately – is apologizing unprompted. When you hit, kick, bite, or anything else far beyond the rules we usually ask you to apologize, and the other day you did it all by yourself. You’d hit me out of frustration – not hard, but definitely not playing – and I said that really hurt and that I was sad. As I was walking away I was about to ask you to apologize and you came right up to me and said “Sorry for hitting, Dada” and offered up a hug. It’s wonderful to see you picking up on these things and being such a little gentleman!

You’ve also been great at handling other kids doing these things in public – like when someone hits or pushes on the playground – usually yelling a stern “NO HITTING!” and maybe fussing a little, but not doing it back to them! You even went so far as to give your Cuddly Bear a timeout when he did something wrong (what, I’m not sure), which was creepy but also made us glad you were handling his behavior with such patience!

Finally, you’re trying so hard to be like me it almost hurts. You love following me around, repeating anything I say, mimicking the exact same gestures I make, and walking around in my shoes – literally. You stop my heart on a daily basis with just how much you look up to and adore me at this age, and I’m trying really hard to be worthy of it. You’ve even started asking for chai to drink after we play outside or go for a run, and will happily drink one made with decaf Bhakti (super gingery strong stuff made fresh in Boulder) “just like Daddy”. I love seeing little bits of my personality keep coming out in you and I think it just about kills Mama how much we look and act alike sometimes. Don’t grow up too fast!


Say What?


Early one morning before getting out of bed

BabyBird: “All. Done. Napping!”

as I walk into his room

Momma: “Oh, good morning honey”

BabyBird: “I pooped!”

Momma: “You pooped?”

BabyBird: “No judge”


His latest comeback has been saying the word “notebook” at random times, I think he’s trying to make a joke

BabyBird: “Notebook.”

Daddy: “That doesn’t make any sense.”

BabyBird: “Two cents.”


Me trying to wipe his face after lunch

BabyBird: “No! Walk away, momma!”


Teacher at School: “Where’s the baby?”

pulls up his shirt & points to his tummy

BabyBird: “In here”

Teacher: “No… there’s not a baby in there.”

BabyBird: “Nope. It’s in teacher’s belly!”

Teacher: “Oh no no no! There’s no baby in my belly.”


Momma: “Good morning, did you have a good nap?”

BabyBird: “Yeeeah.”

Momma: “Did you have any dreams?”

BabyBird: “Yeeeah.”

Momma: “What did you dream about?”

BabyBird: “Momma.”

Momma: “Really? ::melts:: What was momma doing?”

BabyBird: “Dada.”


His favorite songs:

Baby Bumblebee

Tiny Tim

This Train is Bound for Glory (from Music Together class)