[Pre] School Pictures

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This is his first full PreK school year at his Montessori school that he’s been attending since being a toddler. Last year he went just 2 days a week from 8am – 3pm and this year we enrolled him in for 3 days which he has been great for everyone especially with Lexi around.


Playing Piano

This little guy adores his piano time with Daddy each night. It has become an essential part of his bedtime routine and they both equally love this time of the day. Daddy started playing piano with him back when he was just a wee little infant and he would just zonk out and snooze the entire time, it instantly calmed him down. It is so sweet listening to them play each night while I clean up after dinner and straighten up around the house. Or sometimes I join them and we play other instruments along with the piano.


BabyBird and Daddy playing on the piano at his school today for a few minutes before his first parent teacher conference. Yeah, this kid isn’t even 2 and just had his first “report card”. I have to say my heart was completely warmed reading what his sweet toddler teacher had to say and how he’s doing in his class {I am still amazed that she and the other teachers are able to keep 12 toddlers on task all day, dressed, fed, cleaned and rested}. He loves art time, music and reading at circle time. Also likes things put away, organized and helps close doors and lights {hmm… sound like anyone you know?} The conference went great, it was more of just a check in and get to sit one on one with the teacher. And we learned that they are putting on a Christmas show and they are dressing up as Christmas trees and will sing songs and perform for the parents. Too cute.


Playing the piano at a birthday party. Of all the activities and other kids roaming around, he gravitates towards the piano.





Thanksgiving Lunch

BabyBird’s Montessori School put together a toddler community Thanksgiving lunch for the students and invited the parents to attend.  The 3 toddler classes made decorations, place mats, little turkeys as center pieces on the tables. And each class was responsible for making one dish, ours made mashed sweet potatoes.



BabyBird loved the sweet potatoes {he grew up on this stuff as an infant} and especially the roll and gravy. He loved dipping his bread into the gravy and just munching away. He wasn’t too sure about the turkey {as he is with most meats} but he gave it a good try lick.

Afterwards, BabyBird was so excited and happy that Daddy & I were there at school with him and he proudly showed us around his classroom and demonstrated how he washed his hands, all by himself. Then ran around the room showing us all of the different stations of work and classroom materials.

I have to hand it to these toddler teachers for putting this whole meal together {parents were asked to bring in a dish to share and they made the rest} and especially getting 25+ toddlers together with plates and sitting down all together to eat lunch.