Snowy & Cold Five on Friday

1. Brrr. It has been colder than a witch’s tit here lately which means we have been homebound for a few days. And by cold, I mean below zero temps.



2. Which has meant a lot of indoor activities like this, and Netflix.



3. And destroyed play rooms aka living room aka whole entire house.



4. Two things to note on this picture. One, the facial expression. I asked him to smile and this is what I got instead. And the other is the fact that my almost 3 year old kid really likes PB&J sandwiches now and I am a pro at making these one handed.



5. This one is 4 months old today. Didn’t I just give birth to her?



Five on Friday : Toddler Items




I don’t know why we waited so long to get one, but a video monitor rocks! We got this one the Motorola Blink1 which can be connected to all of your iDevices which is pretty cool. Being able to spy and watch this little guy fall asleep is priceless.

It does have a feature where you can talk and the first time I used it to tell BabyBird to get back in bed {yet again} it freaked him out. Now he reminds me to not make Little Beep {which he named} talk. Ha!




We also invested in this little guy, the SleepBuddy clock. Noticing a theme here? It turns on when it’s time to go to bed and turns off to signal that it’s time to get up. We ordered it from Amazon and it arrived all wrapped up and came with a little story book explaining what it is so the presentation was done really well. It also comes with a sticker reward chart which we tried using – though sometimes he doesn’t care too much about earning a sticker.

He does understand the concept and sure enough by 7:31am he comes barreling into our room proclaiming that SleepBuddy is off. Yawn.




He is obsessed with letters. Loves them. He can spell his own name, mom, dad and a few other simple sight words. He is constantly asking us how to spell certain things and recognizing store names and logos {cough/Starbucks/cough}. I got a bucket of these letters and I have to say they have been great. Both uppercase and lowercase letters and enough of them to spell out words – they have been a hit.



We just started reading the Babar books and the first book is rather disturbing – his mother gets shot in the jungle and he runs away to a city and dresses up in human clothing and marries his cousin. Does nobody else in the town realize that he’s a giant elephant dressed in a nice suit? Same with Curious George if you’ve ever read the original book – the man with the yellow hat basically poaches George from the jungle, smuggles him back home, gives him a bath and a cigar.



This is his pile of lovies on his bed. It started innocently enough with MeMe {beloved sock monkey} then we slowly added in Moo {a chick-fil-A cow}, Seahorse and then came Purple Bear {from San Francisco} and then it just went on and on. Each one has a name and they are all tucked along the side of the bed next to the wall. It is pretty adorable to see him snuggling with one during the night but at the rate we are going, he’s going to run out of space to sleep.



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Five on Friday: End of Summer Edition



As summer starts to wind down – it means sneaking in one last trip to the lake, kids are headed back to school and our favorite TV shows are starting up again. As a teenager I always marked watching the VMAs as the end of summer and this year was no exception. Justin Timberlake’s performance was amazing – and I won’t even mention the other one that every other media outlet is talking about.


This kid loves going boating. We went again this week and he had a blast and played his little heart out on the beach. We went back to our cozy cove and got in the water to splash around and explore the shore line. There was a big party boat with a loud sound system in the cove and they were blasting music and this guy just started to bust out dancing. He cracks me up.

photo (10)

photo (11)

photo (12)

photo (13)



This is my new favorite mascara after I saw it listed on the The Small Things Blog. The brush is different than your usual one which at first I had to get used to, but overall I really like it and it does not clump like other brands.




This week my kid sister started her first year of college at my alma mater – CU Boulder. I stopped by earlier in the week to visit, see her dorm and do some fun dorm room shopping. It made me feel old walking waddling around campus again while 8.5 months pregnant. But I am really excited for her and I hope she takes this opportunity to explore, make mistakes and try new things. Because that’s what college is about.




Two words. Breaking Bad.




36 days left till I meet this little girl. She is the size of a cantaloupe this week. We are measuring right on track and she is head down – which means all of her limps are kicking me in the ribs.



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Five on Friday : Random List


I’ve been saving my pennies – well rather our Amex reward points – for an intro DSLR camera. I’ve been drooling over these for some time and decided that with another little one on the way, we wanted to upgrade our point ‘n shoot camera to something better and higher quality. So I’ve been deep into reviews and trying to figure out just what kind I want to get. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a Canon, but just not sure which one. Any recommendations?

Our last splurge was getting a Blendtec blender (the hubs’ choice) and we’ve been using that almost every day this summer making smoothies and I hopefully will get an equal amount of use out of the new camera.




BabyBird has officially grown up. Yup, he’s all grown up now. No more diapers, and now no more crib. We’ve officially moved him into his new big boy bedroom with a twin bed. I still have a few pictures to hang and some final touches before I reveal his new bedroom. But he’s been sleeping in it for the last 2 weeks or so and overall it has been going really good. We’ve definitely had nights & naps where he is getting up – but that’s to be expected as he is testing his boundaries and our patience.

Last night he woke up, and quietly sneaked into our bedroom and crawled into bed next to me. In my half sleepy daze, I thought it was the hubs and then realized it was a stinky little toddler laying next to me. We cuddled for a little bit and then I put him back in his bed – but boy did that melt my heart.


Getting a special treat for staying in his big boy bed all night.




We went to the zoo this week. Yes, an 8 month pregnant momma and her 2.5 year old toddler tackled the Denver Zoo – we have a yearly membership and lately the mornings have been cooler so I thought why not. I packed us a picnic lunch and we drove down to the zoo for the morning. It was definitely tiring and exhausting pushing this guy around in the BOB stroller but we had a great time and he loved riding the carousel. I had the mindset that we would just stay for an hour, eat lunch and head home but a certain little guy wanted to see the giraffes, monkeys & elephants before we left. And just so conveniently those three animals are located on opposite ends of the zoo – so needless to say I got my workout in for the day.



I’m in full on nesting mode lately. I’ve washed and organized all the itty bitty girl clothes and getting the nursery ready. Which I know is silly since she won’t be sleeping in there until she’s at least 3-4 months old (we are planning on co-sleeping for the first several months) but I think it’s just part of the preparation. Speaking of which, I can’t decide on curtains… it’s down to these three choices:

pink ruffle

Which one do you like? I was leaning towards the silk pink ones for the longest time – but now I’m doubting that choice. Maybe the white ruffles?



We just re-discovered story time at the library. I tried going to them back when he was younger, like 18 months or so, and he was just so squirmy and wouldn’t pay attention that it became more of a struggle to get him to sit still during it that I gave up on the idea until recently when a friend was going and sent an open invite out for anyone else that was interested in joining. One of her boys shares the exact same birthday as BabyBird. We stopped by one week after swim class and he loved it and sang the songs all week afterwards and he did so good sitting still and listening to the stories.



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