Mommy Fitness

Before I begin, I have to give mad props to all moms out there. Our bodies are amazing and for each pregnancy I go through I am always reminded at just how beautiful our bodies are and what they are capable of doing: creating people. Pregnancy is not easy – nor is child birth and what we are able to accomplish will never cease to amaze me. But with all that said it takes quite a toll on your body, because growing small humans is not an easy task.


I gained 40+ lbs easily with each pregnancy, and that is a lot of weight on my almost 5’3 frame. In less than two years time, I gained over 80 lbs, birthed two healthy babies, then sustained life for another 2 combined years with my own body (go boobs!), lost some of those 80lbs, & gained some back. That’s a lot of change in such a short span of time and it wrecked havoc on my mid section, back section, upper section… you get the idea.

After having Lexi last October, I was still holding onto a strong 15lbs of pregnancy weight and it did not fall off as quickly as it did after Cayden 2.5years ago for a number of reasons like… One: I am 3 years older than when I had Cayden – Hello 30’s! and my metabolism got that memo loud and clear. Two: I was not going back to work, so no rush to fit back into those slacks at 3 months & who am I kidding, I didn’t really fit into those the first time either #muffintop Three: I have two kids. Four: Did I mention there was two of them now? Cayden was a spring baby whereas this time Lexi was a fall baby and that meant we rolled right into the lazy days of winter. Tank tops vs. cozy sweaters.

5 months ago I decided to make a change as the weather warmed up and spring was around the corner. So what better way to keep myself accountable than to post it up on Instagram, right?

I started slow. Added in a workout here and there once week, went on more walks with the kids as it warmed up and went to a BodyPump class (weight lifting routines set to music) offered at my local rec center once a week with my workout buddy. Oh, did those hurt afterwards. But in a good wiggly-legs-as-I-walk-down-the-stairs way.

Calorie wise there wasn’t much that I cut out in the beginning, mainly because I was exclusively breastfeeding Lexi and therefore needed the calories and I did not want it to interfere with my milk supply. We eat pretty healthy to begin with so there was no magical ditching of soda, junk food and candy to make the weight drop. I tried to watch the carb intake mostly, primarily pasta & bread.

Know what the crazy thing is? I started running… err jogging I should say. More on that later.


Daddy Runs the Boulder Marathon

Three cheers to Daddy for running and completing his first marathon today! Hip-Hip Hooray!


Guess all of those stroller runs around our neighborhood paid off. 9:33 minute miles!


Daddy running by and giving BabyBird a high-five as we waited a mile from the finish line cheering the runners on.


Congrats, Daddy! We are so proud of you!

Guest Posting over at There She Goes

Go check out my guest post over at There She Goes today documenting my first Warrior Dash race! Imagine a 3 mile course that includes obstacles that would make your high school gym teacher proud. Includes before and after pictures of a clean momma and then of one mud soaked zombie at the end.


There She Goes

Warrior Dashing

A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme 5k from hell. We conquer obstacles, push our limits and celebrate with live music, beer, turkey legs and Warrior helmets. Oh, and mud. Lots and lots of mud.

Was it fun? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.

The race was held at Copper Mountain on Saturday, a nice ski resort town in the mountains. The temperature was perfect, somewhere in the mid 70s.



We carpooled with my PT who I’ve known since pre-bump {the one below who is shirtless} he finished somewhere in the top 1% of all the racers that day. The rest of us normal people, ran it for fun.

PT, his wife, me & my racing buddy


We finished!


The race itself wasn’t too bad. Some parts were on trails, some on sidewalks, and there was a good stretch that was uphill. Running with 500 other people was another story. By the time you reach an obstacle, you end up waiting in line and the downhill parts you had to go slowly so you wouldn’t take out the person in front of you.


Our finishing medals


Live music in the background, and festival style food. We were drenched in mud, just like everyone else before we headed to the showers to rinse off.


Covered in mud


The mud pit that you swim through isn’t until the very end and was just around the corner from the finish line.

At the end of the race, you could donate your worn out muddy shoes, and we took full advantage of that! The race coordinators actually takes them, cleans them and then donates them organizations.


Doing the Usain Bolt pose


In a few days, the official pictures from the event will be posted online, so I can’t wait to see my face during the race, especially the one of me jumping over the fire-pit.

The next day: I’m not too sore, just a bit in my legs and no sunburn! Mud is a great SPF.