When It Really Rains – #boulderflood

It has been raining 4 days non-stop now and last night when we went to bed – we were under a flash flood warning. Throughout the night my phone was buzzing with reverse 911 alerts of flooding in Boulder County and sure enough by this morning most of the City of Boulder is flooded. Crazy.

We are safe and dry. Our gutters were overflowing all night and the streets were flooded but nothing major, at least nothing compared to Boulder.

Here are some pics from Twitter and other news sources showing the massive amounts of water.

flood flood2 flood3Colorado Flooding Colorado Flooding flood7 flood8

This one is nearby our house & is a road that I frequently take, you can see that the road underneath just got washed away.


Stay safe everyone!

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Snow, Snow & Some More Snow

We came home to a fun surprise after our morning errands & music class. The hubs was outside shoveling the driveway and then spent an equal (if not more) time constructing an awesome snow fort in our front yard complete with two entrances, and 3 windows for easy snowball throwing. BabyBird was soo tickled when we got home and saw the fort.

At least with all of these spring storms, we are getting a lot of good moisture and it’s perfect fort/snowman/snowball making snow.



Daddy & BabyBird peeking out at me from inside the fort.



He was soo tickled to be inside a fort. His first reaction was “Hehe, I like it!”



Daddy teaching him the fine art of throwing snowballs behind the safety of his fort. We only played outside for a few minutes before we headed inside for lunch and nap. Later on in the afternoon we came back outside and had a blast throwing snowballs on the driveway and sidewalk.



Pretty epic. Made by Daddy with the assistance of a Home Depot bucket. He’s already eyeing the trash bin with plans on how to make the fort bigger next year.

Being a parent is pretty awesome.



April Snow Storms & Easter Recap


Colorado weather is tricky. One day we’ll have 60+ degrees and the next we are down into the single digits. So between the months of February to May you’ll find us in shorts and snow boots all within the same week. Today, we got a good 5-8″ of snow and we are expected to get more tonight.

So to back up a little, Easter was great. Having a little kiddo around any holiday is pretty fun. The night before I set out “Easter Bunny Footprints” I’ve seen other people do this but with flour or chalk (seriously, who has time for that?) so I just printed out a bunch of bunny footprints on paper and placed them from his bedroom down the stairs which lead to his basket.





The books we already owned (ordered from scholastic through his school) and I just got some gardening tools from Target and a box of easter colored goldfish crackers. No 2 year old needs candy in his basket.



Trains & dinosaur books. You can never go wrong with those.



We hid eggs all throughout the house and he got such a good kick finding them all. Which took less than 10 minutes for him to walk around the house and gather all the eggs in his basket. It wasn’t until the end did we show him that there were treats inside. Each egg was filled with either a goldfish cracker or one M&M candy.




Can I just say how handsome this little guy looked in his collared shirt & sweater vest? Needless to say he got the hang of opening each egg and eating the treats pretty quickly.



And the best part of Easter? The bunny brought him a bike! Ha, just kidding. He actually got the bike for his 2nd birthday in February but with all the wacky weather we’ve been having lately, we didn’t have a good opportunity to take it outside. So for Easter weekend, we gave it to him and he loved it.




February Blizzard of 2013

Last week we Coloradans got hit with a good amount of snow. Significantly enough to make people ponder if they need to leave the house and the schools to be on a delay in the morning. It takes a lot of snow to have an actual snow day.

Saturday night it started to snow and snowed all throughout the night. By Sunday morning a thick blanket of snow covered everything. This winter has been pretty bleak in terms of snow fall, so it was actually nice to see a lot of snow and not have any place we had to be. So we bundled up and took BabyBird outside to play in the snow. He was such a trooper on getting his snow pants and everything on (unlike last year when he would just fuss and wiggle when I tried to put on his snowsuit)

We headed outside and his reaction was priceless. His little face just lit up seeing all the snow and started to run down our drive way only to get a couple of feet before it came up to his thighs making it a bit hard to walk. We shoveled some of it and made forts, threw snowballs at each other and just had a good time in the snow.



Helping Daddy shovel the driveway.




Tromping through the snow with Daddy





Making snow castles





Can you tell that he had a good time? It was a brisk 30 degrees outside, so after a little bit we headed inside to warm up with hot chocolate while Daddy finished up shoveling the sidewalks. Unfortunately BabyBird did not like hot chocolate. Well, maybe next year kiddo.