Life Lately – 8 Week Update


Let’s begin by saying that time has flown by. And it is beyond crazy to be watching her grow right before my eyes.

At 6 weeks, Dustin went back to work and I am home with both kids Monday – Wednesday. The first week being solo with both wasn’t too bad, we have a regular playdate on Tuesday mornings so that was a nice break to our daily routine plus it forced me to shower and put on real clothes for the day which did wonders on my productivity. The hardest part with two is the morning routine and getting in some kind of physical activity in with Cayden so he is worn out enough to take a good nap in the afternoon. Alexis will generally take her morning nap from 9am-noon which gives me enough time to make breakfast, eat, clean up and prep lunch before she wakes up. Then while Cayden is napping, we will nurse and snuggle downstairs.


The weather here in Colorado has been a bit crappy and chilly these last few weeks so we stayed indoors a lot. Which meant endless rounds of board games, shows and playing his rock band instruments. The three of us have ventured out a handful of times – once to a mall play area and then lunch at Panera, and to friend’s house for a playdate. So if things went south at least I was with other mom friends which proved to be necessary when Alexis was melting down at Panera and Cayden refused to leave. I loaded one up in the car and then went back to get the other. Motherhood at it’s finest.

At 9 weeks – Alexis had her 2 month check up and shots. Poor girl turned bright red after the first shot and cried so loudly. But she was a champ afterwards and was snoozy the rest of the day.

Weight: 10lbs 10oz – 50th percentile

Height: 23″ – 90th percentile

Head: 15″ 85th percentile

However by that night, she spiked a mild fever and was just out of sorts. Poor girl wasn’t comfortable and fussed and cat napped the entire night in 1hr increments. But thankfully she was feeling much better by the weekend and was back to her old self.


Right around 8.5 weeks, she started smiling and cooing at us. She absolutely adores Cayden and gives him the biggest smiles whenever he is running around. She loves staring at lights and especially the lamps behind the couch but her favorite by far has been the Christmas tree.

Sleep in general has been okay, if we disregard the couple bad nights due to the shots, she generally sleeps from 10pm – 3am nurses and then 3am – 7am. Most of the time there’s also another nursing session at 5am. She starts out in the rock ‘n play for the first stretch and then it’s either next to me or on my chest for the rest of the night. Thankfully she falls asleep quickly after nursing. And around 8 weeks she has stopped pooping at night.

Slowly we are getting into a good routine and rhythm during the week. I feel like Alexis has finally got her days and nights sorted out so we are getting better stretches of sleep at night. I think her nights of partying from 1am-3am are over, thankfully!


The Second Time Around


It’s only been 6 weeks but it seems like she has been here forever. I know how fleeting these first few weeks are and how quickly they grow so as I am going on with the daily chores of living, I try to pause and just soak in the newness of this little one. My heart sank when I had to pack away the newborn sized clothes and thinking how she was swimming in them the day we brought her home but now she is too big.

The transition of going from a family of 3 to 4 has not been nearly has life shattering as going from 2 to 3. A lot of things are easier the second time around and partly because you know you’ve done it once. The late night parties and cluster feedings will come but I know they are just a season and they too shall pass. Having that perceptive is a lot easier this time around while I am in a zombie state walking & rocking a little one to sleep while knowing in the back of my mind that she will learn to sleep through the night and that I will sleep again. Maybe in 6+ months from now – but that’s besides the point.

The four of us have been on a few outings as a whole family. One was to a Halloween party, and the other was a night out to dinner with relatives and both went smoothly. We divide and conquer. The hubs takes the toddler to go potty while I quickly nurse her before we leave and we are out the door. Also, this second time around I haven’t even used our diaper bag. There is a pack of wipes in the car and I just throw one itty bitty newborn diaper in my purse and we are out the door. 9 times out of 10, she doesn’t need a change while we are out and most of the time she just snoozes peacefully in her carseat.

I’ve forgotten how easy it is to bring a newborn along vs. a wiggly toddler to places. I remember being anxious the first time around and being afraid that he would cry and disturb people around us whether we were at a restaurant or Target. But now even if she fusses and cries when we are out I don’t sweat it and it’s much easier to calm a little baby in a carseat than it is to calm a crying toddler. Now to be fair, BabyBird rarely throws a fit while we are out but you get my point.

Being a family of 4 has been both exhausting to the core but also heart exploding while watching your older child love on the newest member. Days will ebb and flow and some nights will go better than others but wouldn’t change a thing.



Happy One Month

This month has gone by unbelievably fast.

This sweet little girl that was placed on my belly after an intense and fast labor & delivery has now been with us for a month. As cliche as it sounds, it feels like she has always been a part of our family while at the same time it feels like I just brought her home yesterday.


It is also true that a momma’s heart just expands and grows to accommodate this new bundle of life but still retaining all the love for their first born. BabyBird (which he will need a new name now, but more to come on that later) has embraced the role of being a big brother and just absolutely adores his baby sister. He runs up and kisses her and always keeps tabs on where she is and what she is doing. He loves to assist in diaper changes and is beyond tickled to have a buddy next to him in the car.

She is a champion nurser and has put on over 2.5lbs since her birth weight in just 4 weeks. Go boobs! I struggled so much with supply, latch and just overall breastfeeding with BabyBird the first time around that I am just so relieved that it is going so much better this time around. Partly because I am more relaxed this time and I trust my body more and having the faith that my boobs will remember how to do this again. The first night at the hospital was rough as we went through an all nighter cluster feed but then my milk came in on day 2 and we’ve been rocking the breastfeeding since. I’ve only pumped a few times and managed to store just two bags of frozen milk so far in the freezer for extra insurance and if I ever leave the house solo again. But all in all, it’s been going 10x better this time.

Sleep. Oh sweet sleep. I don’t know if it’s mother nature’s amnesia or I have adapted better this time around, but I don’t feel as exhausted so far. We get a good 3 hour and sometimes a 4 hour stretch at night in-between feedings and in the first few weeks she would fall asleep pretty quickly afterwards. Halfway through week 3 and week 4, it’s taken a bit more rocking to help her fall back asleep but I’m not complaining. We are co-sleeping and she is right next to me all night and is the best part of the night. Now despite the frequent wakes, nothing beats snuggling up with a newborn all night. I am able to nurse right in bed and Daddy gets up and does the night time diaper changes so it’s been a team effort.

Weight: 8lbs 6oz – 40th percentile

Height: 21 5/8″ – 75th percentile

Clothes: Newborn, some 0-3

Diaper: Newborn

She is beautiful and we are beyond blessed and so in love to be adding her to our family.




After The Storms


That face. Sigh.

The rain has finally stopped. Finally. Flood waters are staring to recede and slowly people are staring to clean and rebuild. It seems so surreal to be in a disaster zone in your own city.

He’s been such a trooper with all this rain lately and being indoors day after day. When the weather finally broke last Friday, we all ventured out to see the damage around our area {we live about 15 miles outside of Boulder} and even went out for lunch. Last weekend we took a family trip to the Denver Zoo on a nice cool morning. He’s been super into the Babar books and was really tickled to see an elephant up close.

Sunday was spent at an adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party where he had a great time running around and swiping cupcakes & cookies. This kid is quick and oh so sneaky – he ran right up to the dessert table and grabbed a cookie right as I said to put it back and before I knew it he had licked it … yes licked the cookie therefore he couldn’t put it back.

bath2Mastering the eye roll.

It’s really starting to sink in that my “baby” is growing up and he is looking so much older each week. This age is pretty fun, at 2.5 he is great company and we are good buddies together. He starts each day asking “what’s today, momma?” always curious as to what I have in store for us. Most days we are out of the house on play dates or errands but every once in awhile we also have chill and lazy days at home spent in our PJs. The other perk of this age? He can play independently for awhile and even go upstairs to fetch things for his waddling momma who doesn’t want to walk up and down.

I won’t even begin to describe the things that are coming out of his mouth – most of the time he has me in stitches with laughter while other times I’m speechless on how to respond. He’s picking up slang and catch phrases and even starting to tell his own jokes. We’ve also mastered the art of the pout and he is quick to ask for a hug whenever he hears a stern tone from us. But my favorite hands down is his singing – this kid loves to sing. Whether that is a nursery rhyme or kid music he can belt out a tune.


Kid – these next few weeks are going to be pretty special while you are still our only child.

I am in the final stretch of this pregnancy and we will soon meet Baby Sister. She is constantly rolling and using my internal organs as her very own punching bag. I frequent the bathroom more times than I can count and I feel like a beached whale each morning as I roll out of bed – literally. But we are all so excited to meet her and introduce her to everyone in 3 weeks.