When It Rains – It Pours

All of a sudden this week we went from hot summer days to instantly cool and rainy fall days. I’m not complaining about the weather, in fact I love the rain. It’s just – it hasn’t stopped raining for 3 days straight.

By the looks of it – it’s going to keep on raining for the rest of the week.


One morning we got up early: showered, dressed (and not just yoga pants & t-shirt dressed, like actual cute outfit dressed) snacks were packed and we were fed – we were ready to head out the door for a fun morning. We hop into the car and … it doesn’t start. At all. Poor girl was dead. I called my friend, who we were meeting up with, and bless her heart she came and got us and we still had a great morning playing and even a pizza lunch date afterwards. How cute are these two?

coloring pizza pizza2

On a side note – BabyBird was so excited to play that we had our first ever full blown accident. In the chaos of the car situation, moving car seats and getting to our destination, by the time he got out to play he was so excited that we both completely forgot to stop for a potty break. All of a sudden BabyBird just stopped playing, stood still and looked at me with these sad puppy eyes and that’s when I realized he soaked his pants. And of course since I wasn’t in my car, I had no change of clothes with me. Mommy fail. Lucky, we borrowed a pair of pants from our friends (saving the day, yet again!) and kept playing.

The next day I called around repair shops to see who could replace the car battery and luckily found a shop that could do it the same afternoon. I waddled in, drenched from the rain with BabyBird on my hip. I’m sure I was a sight to be seen. Want to know something awesome about BMW batteries? You can’t just replace the battery like any normal car – oh that’d be too easy. You have to reset the computer chip inside which of course only an authorized BMW shop can do and therefore translates to longer waits and more bling. Sure wish that fancy computer chip told me it was about to die but at least the battery died a tragic death in my garage and didn’t leave a 9+ month pregnant lady and her 2.5year old stranded somewhere. So there’s that.

When we picked up the car later that afternoon, the service guy in a playful manner asked if BabyBird wanted to sign for the on my behalf and without missing a beat BabyBird grabbed the pen from him and wrote MOM across the receipt. How sweet is that?


He was such a champ since all we did today was drive into town, drop Daddy off at work, back home and back into town to pick up my car & Daddy from the office.

So remember that rain I was talking about earlier? And how it’s been raining continuously for the last 3 days? Now the main road into our neighborhood is flooded and closed. The Boulder Creek is overflowing and flooded along with parts of the city. Flash flood warnings and sirens are going off. Crazy Colorado weather.

Speaking of crazy weather – several weeks ago, we got hit with one freakish and nasty hail storm. Strong winds knocked trees and destroyed roofs in our neighborhood. Now all of our neighbors, us included, are filing roof claims with our home insurance companies and getting new roofs.

Nothing makes you feel like an adult like replacing car batteries and getting a new roof on your house.



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Georgetown Railroad

Last Monday, we drove up to the mountains to ride the Georgetown Loop Railroad on one of their diesel locomotives through the Clear Creek canyon. Or in other words, getting to ride a Thomas-like train and blow the mind of a 2.5 year old. I’ve learned {the hard way} to not tell BabyBird what we are doing the night before so I waited until that morning to surprise him with the day’s activity. We talked about it all during breakfast and the ride up to Georgetown – about 1.5hr car ride from our house. We met up with our good friends who we’ve known since our kiddos were still baking inside of us and our two boys are less than 2 weeks apart in age. And ironically enough we are both pregnant again and with girls this round and they will be about 2 months apart in age.

Once we got up to Georgetown and bought our tickets, the boys totally understood what was about to go down. BabyBird was so excited to get on the train and I think the anticipation of actually getting on the train was equally if not more fun than the actual train ride.







The ride was a total of 1 hour – which was a bit long for a 2.5 year old. He loved the first 30 minutes and sat still for the ride, but on the way back he was much more wiggly and ready to get up and walk around and I also ran out of snacks. The look on these two boys faces whenever the train went choo-choo at intersections & crossings was absolutely priceless.

Afterwards, we headed into town to a local cafe for some sandwiches and took them to a nearby park to eat & play. Georgetown is not that big, it’s a cute little mountain town so just imagine two pregnant chicks {with one that is due in 2 weeks} walking waddling through downtown in matching jogging strollers with two little half-asian boys in tow. We were quite the sight. And it didn’t take long for the employes at the cafe to notice along with some of their customers to remark just how adorable we were.



The park was awesome, it had a cute tree-house theme but the best part was this little fountain in the middle which left a puddle. Guess who played in that for almost an hour? And yes, he got completely soaked – that’s why you see him in 3 different outfits in these pictures.



Dear Playground Designers: Why would you do this? I realize that it’s cute and all for the adults to pick a font that is kid like, but for any kids that attempt to read or recognize the letters it is just so confusing. BabyBird kept asking me why the letters were uh-ohs.



Can you just see how tired he looks in this picture? This was about 3 hours after his normal nap time, but he was in good spirits. We headed home afterwards and he promptly crashed in the car ride home. I guess that’s a sign of a good time.


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Five on Friday : This Week


Last weekend we spent an afternoon at a friend’s house for a get together and BabyBird had the best time running around and playing with his buddies that we’ve known since they were infants and now most of us are pregnant with #2. So it was a bunch of 2.5yr old toddlers running around and mommas with bumps.

And he may have also consumed a few brownies.




We went to the pool Saturday morning and he had a great time with Daddy going down the big slides and splashing around. He is such a water baby and completely fearless when it comes to the slides. They must have done the slides at least a dozen times in the 1.5 hour we were there.



Which then leads to…


Epic naps. Except before this lovely picture below of an completely passed out toddler, he had the mother of all tantrums in the car ride home from the pool. He insisted on listening to Adele (and asked in a whiny voice and we were trying to teach him to ask nicely but it just spiraled out of control) in the car – I usually let him pick the music and it’s either Adele, piano songs or his music class CD but he was just 1. exhausted and 2. stubborn as all hell on wanting to listen to Adele and was cranky the entire ride home. At first it was a bit amusing to see him so worked up and then it just kept going and going – for the full 20 minutes. Now this kid rarely cries or throws tantrums over things but I think the combination of being worn out at the pool did him in. This was probably the longest he has ever cried since sleep training days.



On Monday, BabyBird and I headed to Georgetown with our friends to ride the Georgetown Loop Railroad. He had a blast and was so excited to get on the train but about half way through he was done sitting still on a train going 10mph (not kidding) but it was a really fun day. And this kid also tanked the whole day – we skipped his afternoon nap and he played for almost 3 hours at a park and barely ate lunch and only napped for about 30minutes on the car ride home and did it all in good spirits and no meltdowns. More on this next week along with some pretty goofy pictures.





Swim lessons have been going great this summer, we are only on our 5th lesson and he’s really catching on. In the beginning BabyBird was a bit hesitant on getting his face wet and didn’t want water in his eyes, but now he is getting a lot better. Most of our lessons have been private or with one other person (which have been awesome) and it’s held at a local swim school where not only do they teach him how to swim but also water safety and survival. The 30 minute swim lesson with momma in the pool is a workout for me, especially being 28+ weeks pregnant. Along with doing so well in swim lessons, BabyBird has also taken to wanting to shower in the evenings more and not wanting to take baths – because baths are for babies. Obviously. Can I just say it’s pretty adorable seeing this little guy standing in a shower washing himself?



Life Lately.

Oh, where to begin.

This month has flown by and I just glanced down and realize that there’s only one more week left of June. This month has been filled with pool dates, photo sessions, the annual camping/fishing trip, strawberry patch picking, pizza dates with friends and our sans kiddo vacation to San Francisco. Phew. The bags have been unpacked and the laundry is mostly put away, and now we I am in full blown nesting mode. The garage got a good clean out and so did our guest bedroom which will be turned into BabyBird’s big boy room this summer. We also put in the finishing touches on our dining room turned play room and the last big project is to tackle the backyard and make it kid friendly and perhaps put in a vegetable garden.


a little sneak peek at our spring photo session


I’m {after I grabbed my phone to look at the pregnancy app} 24 weeks and 3 days along. I’ve got a few more weeks left of my 2nd trimester and I really can’t believe how fast it is going by. Within these last few weeks I’ve felt more pregnant, with an obvious bump and having to remember to slow down and rest. Every other day, I take a nap while BabyBird is down for his nap and a few times last week we napped together in my bed which is just precious. Nothing like a toddler snoring away peacefully next to you in bed.

Speaking of the toddler, this kid is hilarious and talking up a storm. We’ve got full on sentences and I can just see his thought process on everything as he is trying to figure things out. It cracks me up when he asks “where are we going, momma?” when we are out running errands or “what are we having?” whenever meal time rolls around. Having my little partner in crime being able to formulate and talk to me is pretty darn awesome. On the flip side, I am also being bossed around like no other, but I guess that comes with the new sense of independence and being able to express himself.


Monday thru Wednesday our days are filled with playdates, trips to the park, errands and swim lessons. Come Thursday & Friday when BabyBird is in school, I am a mad women on the loose around town running errands, grocery shopping and stopping to enjoy lunch all before picking him up by 3pm. It’s amazing the amount of things I can accomplish solo. But I am always excited to pick up my little buddy by the end of the day and hear all about his day at school.