First Half Marathon


My friend and I ran it together. I use the term “together” loosely because this girl finished 3rd female overall. I have fast friends. Go M!


Do you run?

Only when chased.


That is what I used to say. I never liked running – until I started running.

I started running last April, when Lexi was 6 months old. Oh, those runs hurt and were sloow. Pitifully slow and with many pauses and breaks. I never ran more than 2 consecutive miles in my life before then and I had a healthy extra 15lbs added to my frame (remember that 6 month old baby I mentioned above? My body was holding onto those last few couple pounds for dear life). I ran a few miles around the neighborhood with the hubs pushing both kids and slowly those runs got easier and easier. Saying to myself I can make it to that tree, or fire hydrant, or to the next intersection.

There is a park that is exactly 3.1 miles away from our house and that became my goal. My first 5k race. Perhaps this fall, I’ll sign up for my first 5k race I’d say to myself. Ha!

Somewhere over the summer, we ran more, longer distances and then found myself signing up for a half marathon. So instead of that 3.1 mile race, it was 13.1

My biggest cheering buddy & coach was my husband. Dustin ran with me countless times especially those first 12min+ miles runs while pushing both kids and cheering me on. I would have never thought I’d be able to run a half marathon but he did!

Prairie Dog Half Marathon around the City of Louisville.

Race Day. The weather was perfect, a warm 44 degrees in January with bits of snow here and there lingering on the streets. But otherwise a perfect day for a race. The run itself was good overall. I started a bit too fast (7.10 min/miles – rookie mistake) but then slowed down and settled in and was going at my regular pace. Seeing Dustin and the kids was awesome along the race. All was going well until someone put a big hill in the middle of the course. Perhaps I should have looked at the race map a bit more carefully. Kudos to the race peeps for putting up some motivational signs along that stretch. “It’s just a hill, get over it.” So that was my mantra from mile 5 – 8. And I saw the hubs and kids again during this stretch and that was a big morale boost.

Mile 9 – 13 much better. Except I wore too much clothes and it was getting warmer. For 2 miles I was debating taking off my long shelve shirt (you see, I accidentally pinned one corner my bib through both of my shirts, so for me to take off one layer would mean I’d need to stop and fumble with a safety pin) but around 10.5 miles I gave in, stopped and took off the shirt and felt so much better. By then I looked at the time on RunKeeper (iPhone/GPS App) and realized I wouldn’t be able to finish under 2 hrs anyway so I might as well be comfortable.

Coming around the last bend and seeing the finish line in the distance was pretty cool. Getting closer and realizing the clock actually said 1:56 I sprinted through the finish line and finished at 2 hours, on the nose. Holy shit. No way!

Running across the finish line and seeing the whole family plus grandparents who came down from Fort Collins was awesome! And I was pretty stoked that I made my time goal of completing my first half in under (or exactly) 2 hours. Dustin reminded me later that when I started the race I wasn’t at the front of the line so my chip time should actually come in under 2 hours. I finished at 1:59:49 with 11 seconds to spare!

It was a great experience and a fun event. The other racers were wonderful and I even made a few running friends during the course at different stretches. The last 2.5 miles, I stayed with a group of 3 other females (hot pink, black, orange – as I called them in my head) and we stayed together for last stretch and through the finish line.