[Pre] School Pictures

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This is his first full PreK school year at his Montessori school that he’s been attending since being a toddler. Last year he went just 2 days a week from 8am – 3pm and this year we enrolled him in for 3 days which he has been great for everyone especially with Lexi around.


Mommy Fitness

Before I begin, I have to give mad props to all moms out there. Our bodies are amazing and for each pregnancy I go through I am always reminded at just how beautiful our bodies are and what they are capable of doing: creating people. Pregnancy is not easy – nor is child birth and what we are able to accomplish will never cease to amaze me. But with all that said it takes quite a toll on your body, because growing small humans is not an easy task.


I gained 40+ lbs easily with each pregnancy, and that is a lot of weight on my almost 5’3 frame. In less than two years time, I gained over 80 lbs, birthed two healthy babies, then sustained life for another 2 combined years with my own body (go boobs!), lost some of those 80lbs, & gained some back. That’s a lot of change in such a short span of time and it wrecked havoc on my mid section, back section, upper section… you get the idea.

After having Lexi last October, I was still holding onto a strong 15lbs of pregnancy weight and it did not fall off as quickly as it did after Cayden 2.5years ago for a number of reasons like… One: I am 3 years older than when I had Cayden – Hello 30’s! and my metabolism got that memo loud and clear. Two: I was not going back to work, so no rush to fit back into those slacks at 3 months & who am I kidding, I didn’t really fit into those the first time either #muffintop Three: I have two kids. Four: Did I mention there was two of them now? Cayden was a spring baby whereas this time Lexi was a fall baby and that meant we rolled right into the lazy days of winter. Tank tops vs. cozy sweaters.

5 months ago I decided to make a change as the weather warmed up and spring was around the corner. So what better way to keep myself accountable than to post it up on Instagram, right?

I started slow. Added in a workout here and there once week, went on more walks with the kids as it warmed up and went to a BodyPump class (weight lifting routines set to music) offered at my local rec center once a week with my workout buddy. Oh, did those hurt afterwards. But in a good wiggly-legs-as-I-walk-down-the-stairs way.

Calorie wise there wasn’t much that I cut out in the beginning, mainly because I was exclusively breastfeeding Lexi and therefore needed the calories and I did not want it to interfere with my milk supply. We eat pretty healthy to begin with so there was no magical ditching of soda, junk food and candy to make the weight drop. I tried to watch the carb intake mostly, primarily pasta & bread.

Know what the crazy thing is? I started running… err jogging I should say. More on that later.


2 Months Shy of a Year

I’m not sure how this happened but I blinked and this little girl is already 10 months old. She’s been out in this world just as long as she has been baking inside. Which brings to light that I have either been pregnant or nursing a baby for the last 20 months.


At 10 months, Lexi is…

:: A peanut. She’s 5th percentile in weight and 50th for length. She was a little over 14lbs at her 9 month checkup.

:: Eating solids and purees like a champ, and I’ve been a lot more adventurous in the combinations (read: whatever veggies I have in my fridge mixed with whatever fruit I happen to have on hand) and a big shout out to the Beaba Babycook gadget – that thing has been great at making babyfood.

:: Nursing is still going strong. Morning, before naps, after naps, bedtime and late night snacks. I love the cuddles. She loves the boob. Win win.

:: Sleep. She was a rock star at 4 months and was sleeping through the night consistently which I was absolutely loving though my boobs disagreed. Then around 6 months, a growth spurt, some teething and such threw her off and she was waking up twice at night, once around 2am and again around 6am. I’d go in to her nursery for a quick nursing session and some cuddles and she would fall back asleep. Now at 10 months, she’s been waking up just once at 5am to nurse and fall back asleep.

:: Lexi is actually a great napper during the day and takes a good solid 2-3 hour nap  everyday and due to our schedule of activities, school pickup and drop-off for big bro, her naps get interrupted a lot, but she goes with the flow. #secondbaby


:: Blowouts are a thing of the past. Thank God! Now we are much regular… TMI?

:: Loves to sit and pull toys out of her bin or grab any toy that belongs to her big bro. She has a few favorites, but overall she loves any type of animal figurine that is small enough to hold in her hand. She also loves tags, whether that is on a blanket or on a toy, that is her favorite thing.

:: No crawling or anything yet. And I am in no hurry. She can pull up on her crib rails and peek over, but in general not as motivated to move around as Cayden was at her age. Which again, I am in no hurry. I love this age and stage where I can set her down and she stays put.

:: Hates sneezes. Doesn’t matter who sneezes, but if she is nearby she will break down in sobs. Every time.

:: Loves going out for runs & being outside. This girl just eats up evening runs with Daddy in the double BOB stroller, and especially with big bro sitting next to her. It’s comforting hearing Daddy’s footsteps and the numerous songs Cayden will gladly sing as we run around the neighborhood.

:: Has stranger danger. I forgot about this stage where I can no longer just hand off the baby to anyone to hold. There’s only a few people she is really comfortable with and doesn’t fuss when I am not holding her.


:: Adores her brother. And he is pretty sweet on her too (when he isn’t ripping toys out of her hands) Cayden will even remind us to keep our voices down because “baby sister is sleeping. Shh!” He will gladly fetch diapers, socks, clean up toys, or anything if it’s for her. And nobody can make her belly laugh like he can with all of his antics.

It’s hard to imagine that she’s only been here for the last 10 months, feels like it’s always been like this with these two kiddos running around.