Snowy & Cold Five on Friday

1. Brrr. It has been colder than a witch’s tit here lately which means we have been homebound for a few days. And by cold, I mean below zero temps.



2. Which has meant a lot of indoor activities like this, and Netflix.



3. And destroyed play rooms aka living room aka whole entire house.



4. Two things to note on this picture. One, the facial expression. I asked him to smile and this is what I got instead. And the other is the fact that my almost 3 year old kid really likes PB&J sandwiches now and I am a pro at making these one handed.



5. This one is 4 months old today. Didn’t I just give birth to her?



  • Elizabeth Erquitt

    I’m having one of those “didn’t I just give birth” moments too.. doesn’t feel like 5m ago!

    • Christene // MommaBird

      I know, right? These babies are growing too fast

  • Chrissy

    Visiting from the link up. Looking forward to checking out your potty training method soon. My daughter is 21 months and getting ready. :)