A complete meltdown, and there was also a Super Bowl Game

Last weekend was the Super Bowl, but apparently only Seattle Seahawks showed up to the game because the Broncos were murdered. But that’s beside the point and I’m not a big football fan anyway.


Sunday morning was spent in the kitchen prepping and making a big batch of potato skins to take along to the party. Great idea in theory and it seemed so simple watching the Pioneer Women make them, but it took quite a bit of work but in the end they were delicious and disappeared quickly. By 3pm, we were making it out the door and into the car to head over to our friend’s super bowl party. I had showered, and I quickly nursed Lexie before plopping her in the carseat and loading up the other kid.

superbowl superbowl4

At the party, Lexie was great and so chill. She hung out with Daddy while we chatted, ate and sampled the liquid refreshments.

After about 2 hours, I took Lexie aside, snuck into a quieter room in the house and prepared to nurse her. Now this girl loves to nurse, and from day 1 she has been a great nurser. Until today. She flat out refused. All the while screaming her poor head off. So we rocked and walked around until she calmed down, and tried again. Nope. Screams ensued. So we left the room and went back to the party. Daddy tried to calm her down and she was just so worked up. Finally after a bit she calmed down and fell asleep for about an hour without ever eating. By the time she woke up, I figured she must be ready to eat and would be starving. Tried again. Nope.

By now the game was pretty much done, we were in the 3rd quarter and the Seahawks were surely going to win. After another failed attempt to nurse her, we decided it was time to call it and head home. Perhaps she just wasn’t feeling it and plus it was way past the other kid’s bedtime. The one who kept sneaking cookies off the dessert tray in the kitchen and giggling with glee as he ran away.


Lexie slept on the way home, Cayden stayed awake – maybe it was all the cookies? Once we got home, it was divide and conquer. Daddy took Cayden up for a quick bath and got him ready for bed, while I attempted to feed my sweet almost 4 month old baby who has not eaten since 3pm. It was now 9pm. She refused. I frantically googled  “4 month old refusing the breast” and read everything from being sick to breastfeeding strikes, to dehydration in little babies, and how to offer formula. In-between trying to calm her down and “researching” I had to stop and pump. Because she hasn’t eaten in 6 hours! I offered her some in a bottle. She didn’t take it. Finally around 11pm, and after hours of crying, she passed out. I set her down in the swing, fully expecting her to wake up in a few hours, but instead she slept through the night. She didn’t make a peep until the next morning around 7am. I, on the other hand, woke up several times during the night to either pump and to check to make sure she was still breathing and had a pulse.

By morning, she woke up happy and was ready to nurse. All was well in the world. She played it cool, and acted like nothing even happened.

Just to recap, last Sunday she went 16 hours without eating yet managed to sleep through the night for the first time. My mind is blown.

To all the moms out there dealing with colicky babies, my heart goes out to you. By no means is Lexie colicky, as this was just a wonky day, but I was completely shaken by how much crying she did. And that nothing I could offer her would calm her down most especially the breast as that is my go-to method to soothe her. 

  • Katie Markey McLaughlin

    There is nothing worse than not being able to soothe your baby! My son wasn’t colicky at all but definitely had some rough days. So glad your little one woke up happy and back to normal!

    • http://mommabird.net/ Christene // MommaBird

      Thanks so much! Maybe she was just so upset at how bad the Broncos did, ha!