12 Weeks Old – Sleep Update


Alexis is a great baby. I’m not sure if my memory of newborn days with Cayden has faded or it’s the fact that she is the 2nd, but overall she is a good & chill baby. Easy temperament and pretty laid back. She does have her moments when she is hungry and I’m taking too long, but in general she is pretty chill. I think I paid my dues with Cayden, whom we nicknamed pterodactyl for the bloody wailing he did as a newborn and where my namesake originated from – MommaBird to my pterodactyl.

I remember agonizing about sleep, talked about sleep, read books about sleep – all to get the baby to “sleep through the night”. I debated back and forth if Cayden should co-sleep in our bed, or be in the co-sleeper, or be rocked in the swing. Doubting myself with each choice and then changing my mind each night and trying something different. Part of this I blame on being a new mom, and the other on just reading too much. Every sleep book contradicts the other; every advice I heard could be rebutted.

This time around, the day we brought Alexis home she has not left my side at night. She is either glued next to me, or within an arm’s reach away in the rock ‘n play. Can I say again how much I love the rock ‘n play? I’m a light sleeper and even more so with a new baby next to me. If she squirms at night I can reach over and gently rock her a few times and she falls back asleep. These last 2 weeks she has been only waking up once at night to nurse and then falls back asleep.


Her typical day.

:: Disclaimer :: I should add that this is her ideal day, off course things ebb and flow. For instance, the minute I after I hit publish on this post I must have angered the sleeping Gods because today she has been all over the place.

7:30am – She wakes up, diaper change, and we nurse. I get up and get dressed and we all head downstairs for breakfast. Alexis usually stays awake for about an hour after waking up and then she is ready for her morning nap.

9am – Alexis goes down for her morning nap. She is swaddled and goes to sleep in our bedroom. On the good days, she’ll sleep 3-4 hours in the morning and will usually wake up once Cayden goes down for his nap. Sometimes she wakes up during lunchtime and that can make for an entertaining meal.

1pm – Alexis is up, we nurse and hang out while Cayden is taking his nap. Cayden will nap anywhere from 1-2hrs. During this time I usually make lunch for myself and relax with just the baby. Or somedays when the stars & moon are in alignment, I get the elusive overlapping nap times.

3pm – Cayden is up, and Alexis will be ready for her late afternoon nap. If I can time this nap right, she will usually sleep through me prepping & cooking dinner and eating dinner with the 3 of us.

7pm – Dinner is over, Cayden heads upstairs for bath with Daddy and Alexis is up and ready to nurse. She’ll hang out until we are ready to tuck Cayden into bed.

8pm – Cayden is in bed for the night, I nurse Alexis again and most times she’ll take an evening catnap and wakes up around 9:30pm.

10pm – Alexis is up and ready for bed. We nurse again, swaddle and go to bed. Some nights I’ll tuck her in upstairs and head downstairs for some me time, and I usually go to bed by 11pm.

11pm – I’m in bed and hopefully sleeping. Some nights I’m a rebel and stay up till midnight.

3am – Alexis is up and wants to nurse. We nurse in bed and fall back asleep.

7:30am – Cayden wakes up and waddles into our bedroom and the day starts again.

Rinse. Repeat.

  • Bryn Ellis

    As I consider having a second, it seems like there isn’t time to leave the house since one is napping and then the next and then again the baby… how do you manage getting out of the house for errands or taking Cayden out to the park?

    I hope my second baby is as easy as Alexis!

    • http://mommabird.net/ Christene // MommaBird

      Haha, great question! I’m still trying to figure that one out.

      Right now with Lexie being so small and young, she practically sleeps anywhere so I just bring her along and stay on Cayden’s schedule. No way am I pushing the almost-3-year-old’s nap time because I will pay heavily for that later in the evening.

      But honestly, we don’t make it out of the house as often as before, with the conflicting nap times.