Christmas Day

Christmas this year was a lot of fun especially with an almost 3 year old. The days leading up to Christmas morning were packed with Christmas-y actitives like making his gingerbread house, baking cookies and decorating the tree. I love being able to create these magical moments for him during this season.  This year the tree didn’t go up till a few days before Christmas Eve and the ornaments were hung on Christmas Eve. Hanging ordainments with an almost 3 year old was quite a challenge, as he lost interest about 45 seconds into it, and then the rest of the time was trying to keep him for breaking the rest of the ordainments. But the tree was done and we were ready for Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve as parents of little kids is exhausting but also so rewarding. We were in a mad dash after Cayden went to bed to tidy up, prep for the morning and wrap and put the presents out. We didn’t go to bed until 1am. But it is a lot of fun to play Santa. This year, Santa brought a new lego table for Cayden along with a Daniel Tiger play set complete with trolley which has been his favorite TV show. I love that they revamped Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood for his generation.

Christmas morning went by really quickly. Cayden was excited to see presents under the tree when he came downstairs and I think that was one of my favorite moments. Grandparents came over in the morning and we opened presents, played with the toy and then opened more presents. We stopped to have mini cinnamon rolls, and then had a late brunch and decorated gingerbread cookies all before nap time. Alexis slept through most of the morning, but woke up when we were doing stockings and then crashed shortly afterwards. The day was perfect spending with family and a good pace with two little kids.
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Santa brought Alexis her very own pink seahorse, which Cayden was very excited to help her open and then show her. They adore each other even if her face doesn’t show it.


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