Life Lately – 8 Week Update


Let’s begin by saying that time has flown by. And it is beyond crazy to be watching her grow right before my eyes.

At 6 weeks, Dustin went back to work and I am home with both kids Monday – Wednesday. The first week being solo with both wasn’t too bad, we have a regular playdate on Tuesday mornings so that was a nice break to our daily routine plus it forced me to shower and put on real clothes for the day which did wonders on my productivity. The hardest part with two is the morning routine and getting in some kind of physical activity in with Cayden so he is worn out enough to take a good nap in the afternoon. Alexis will generally take her morning nap from 9am-noon which gives me enough time to make breakfast, eat, clean up and prep lunch before she wakes up. Then while Cayden is napping, we will nurse and snuggle downstairs.


The weather here in Colorado has been a bit crappy and chilly these last few weeks so we stayed indoors a lot. Which meant endless rounds of board games, shows and playing his rock band instruments. The three of us have ventured out a handful of times – once to a mall play area and then lunch at Panera, and to friend’s house for a playdate. So if things went south at least I was with other mom friends which proved to be necessary when Alexis was melting down at Panera and Cayden refused to leave. I loaded one up in the car and then went back to get the other. Motherhood at it’s finest.

At 9 weeks – Alexis had her 2 month check up and shots. Poor girl turned bright red after the first shot and cried so loudly. But she was a champ afterwards and was snoozy the rest of the day.

Weight: 10lbs 10oz – 50th percentile

Height: 23″ – 90th percentile

Head: 15″ 85th percentile

However by that night, she spiked a mild fever and was just out of sorts. Poor girl wasn’t comfortable and fussed and cat napped the entire night in 1hr increments. But thankfully she was feeling much better by the weekend and was back to her old self.


Right around 8.5 weeks, she started smiling and cooing at us. She absolutely adores Cayden and gives him the biggest smiles whenever he is running around. She loves staring at lights and especially the lamps behind the couch but her favorite by far has been the Christmas tree.

Sleep in general has been okay, if we disregard the couple bad nights due to the shots, she generally sleeps from 10pm – 3am nurses and then 3am – 7am. Most of the time there’s also another nursing session at 5am. She starts out in the rock ‘n play for the first stretch and then it’s either next to me or on my chest for the rest of the night. Thankfully she falls asleep quickly after nursing. And around 8 weeks she has stopped pooping at night.

Slowly we are getting into a good routine and rhythm during the week. I feel like Alexis has finally got her days and nights sorted out so we are getting better stretches of sleep at night. I think her nights of partying from 1am-3am are over, thankfully!