The Second Time Around


It’s only been 6 weeks but it seems like she has been here forever. I know how fleeting these first few weeks are and how quickly they grow so as I am going on with the daily chores of living, I try to pause and just soak in the newness of this little one. My heart sank when I had to pack away the newborn sized clothes and thinking how she was swimming in them the day we brought her home but now she is too big.

The transition of going from a family of 3 to 4 has not been nearly has life shattering as going from 2 to 3. A lot of things are easier the second time around and partly because you know you’ve done it once. The late night parties and cluster feedings will come but I know they are just a season and they too shall pass. Having that perceptive is a lot easier this time around while I am in a zombie state walking & rocking a little one to sleep while knowing in the back of my mind that she will learn to sleep through the night and that I will sleep again. Maybe in 6+ months from now – but that’s besides the point.

The four of us have been on a few outings as a whole family. One was to a Halloween party, and the other was a night out to dinner with relatives and both went smoothly. We divide and conquer. The hubs takes the toddler to go potty while I quickly nurse her before we leave and we are out the door. Also, this second time around I haven’t even used our diaper bag. There is a pack of wipes in the car and I just throw one itty bitty newborn diaper in my purse and we are out the door. 9 times out of 10, she doesn’t need a change while we are out and most of the time she just snoozes peacefully in her carseat.

I’ve forgotten how easy it is to bring a newborn along vs. a wiggly toddler to places. I remember being anxious the first time around and being afraid that he would cry and disturb people around us whether we were at a restaurant or Target. But now even if she fusses and cries when we are out I don’t sweat it and it’s much easier to calm a little baby in a carseat than it is to calm a crying toddler. Now to be fair, BabyBird rarely throws a fit while we are out but you get my point.

Being a family of 4 has been both exhausting to the core but also heart exploding while watching your older child love on the newest member. Days will ebb and flow and some nights will go better than others but wouldn’t change a thing.



  • Pam

    Thanks for this post! I needed to read this right now. We are expecting our second baby this June and it just hit me, even if the baby sleeps late like my first child did as an infant, my toddler will be up and raring to go by 6:30 every. single. day. A big dose of positivity was just what the doctor ordered:) And a belated congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

    • Christene // MommaBird

      Thanks for stopping by and yay for summer babies! My first was a spring baby and I’ve forgotten how nice it was to be able to go outside for walks, this winter is kicking my butt royally. Surprisingly sleep has been okay, perhaps we are just more adaptable the 2nd time around.