Little Quirks


:: Really dislikes a dirty diaper & won’t fall asleep unless it’s clean. A quick diaper change always improves her mood.

:: Loud grunts and groans, especially when pooping. And I mean really loud.

:: Sorta takes a paci. BabyBird took to the Wubbanub/Soothie right away but she doesn’t like it so far & would gag and act like I just gave her a rotten shoe. So I went on a Target run last week and purchased one of each type of paci in hopes that a different shaped one she would like better and sure enough we found one she will take.

:: I don’t think we have day vs. nights figured out yet. But she does give me a good 3 hour or 4 hour stretch at night and similar naps during the day. At night she is in bed next to me, and by next to me – I mean she is glued to my side all night. During the day she takes really good naps in the rock ‘n play.

:: Her witching & fussy hour is usually from 12pm-3am. Thankfully, and oh so very thankfully, Daddy takes this shift and the two of them will hang out downstairs while I get some solo shut eye. He’ll bring her up for the next feeding around 3am and we cuddle up and go back to sleep till the morning.

:: A week after her 1 month check up, I had to pack up and put away all of her newborn clothes and break open the size 1 diapers. How quickly they grow.