Happy One Month

This month has gone by unbelievably fast.

This sweet little girl that was placed on my belly after an intense and fast labor & delivery has now been with us for a month. As cliche as it sounds, it feels like she has always been a part of our family while at the same time it feels like I just brought her home yesterday.


It is also true that a momma’s heart just expands and grows to accommodate this new bundle of life but still retaining all the love for their first born. BabyBird (which he will need a new name now, but more to come on that later) has embraced the role of being a big brother and just absolutely adores his baby sister. He runs up and kisses her and always keeps tabs on where she is and what she is doing. He loves to assist in diaper changes and is beyond tickled to have a buddy next to him in the car.

She is a champion nurser and has put on over 2.5lbs since her birth weight in just 4 weeks. Go boobs! I struggled so much with supply, latch and just overall breastfeeding with BabyBird the first time around that I am just so relieved that it is going so much better this time around. Partly because I am more relaxed this time and I trust my body more and having the faith that my boobs will remember how to do this again. The first night at the hospital was rough as we went through an all nighter cluster feed but then my milk came in on day 2 and we’ve been rocking the breastfeeding since. I’ve only pumped a few times and managed to store just two bags of frozen milk so far in the freezer for extra insurance and if I ever leave the house solo again. But all in all, it’s been going 10x better this time.

Sleep. Oh sweet sleep. I don’t know if it’s mother nature’s amnesia or I have adapted better this time around, but I don’t feel as exhausted so far. We get a good 3 hour and sometimes a 4 hour stretch at night in-between feedings and in the first few weeks she would fall asleep pretty quickly afterwards. Halfway through week 3 and week 4, it’s taken a bit more rocking to help her fall back asleep but I’m not complaining. We are co-sleeping and she is right next to me all night and is the best part of the night. Now despite the frequent wakes, nothing beats snuggling up with a newborn all night. I am able to nurse right in bed and Daddy gets up and does the night time diaper changes so it’s been a team effort.

Weight: 8lbs 6oz – 40th percentile

Height: 21 5/8″ – 75th percentile

Clothes: Newborn, some 0-3

Diaper: Newborn

She is beautiful and we are beyond blessed and so in love to be adding her to our family.