Happy Birthday!

Dear Mama,

Happy Birthday! We know it’s crazy with two of us but we love you and hope it was fun anyway. Get some sleep tonight!

The Little Ones + Dada

Oh, Hello There

Hi, I’m Christene and the author of this little blog that I started almost 3 years ago after I had my first baby in 2011. I blogged for myself mostly as a way to write down my memories of being a first time mom and also as a way to keep track of milestones, things I did not want to forget and share with friends & family who couldn’t be here. Because let’s be honest, the 2 baby books I purchased during the pregnancy sat empty on my desk for months. Looking back, I am so glad that I wrote so many little moments down and captured it in words.

In the beginning I blogged for myself and I wrote anonymously and gave my son the pen name BabyBird. Partly because I was working and didn’t want this blog to come up as the first search result in Google and having colleagues & clients read about my birth story or struggles with breastfeeding. But now over time I have found the blogging community, especially the mommy bloggers, to be amazing and have made some great friendships over the years. Not only are they a great resource for advice and how-to but a great online community of other women going through the same stage in life – motherhood. And overtime I have grown to feel more comfortable in sharing with other bloggers, friends and relatives.

Now that my son is about to turn 3 in a few months the pen name Babybird seems rather silly and I had no clever ideas as to what to name his baby sister. So I would like you to meet…


Cayden William aka Babybird :: 2.5 years old and is a ball of energy and melts my heart with those eyes. He loves to sing, especially Mumford & Sons and dance. His favorite has to be his toy guitar and banjo. Loves books, stickers, running and being mommy’s little helper. He is a few months shy of turning 3 in February and so far his two’s haven’t been too bad. He talks up a storm, has his own preferences & opinions and is turning into more of a little boy each day.



Alexis Paige :: 7 weeks old and absolutely adorable. She loves to snuggle, be held, getting her diaper changed and nurse. Hates having a dirty diaper and will squirm and wiggle until it is changed. She loves to party from 1am-3am most nights, but other than that she has been a good sleeper (3hr-4hr stretches at night). Loves listening to music and overall a pretty chill baby.



Christene & Dustin :: married since 2006 and have been together since the summer before my freshmen year of college in 2002 which would mean we’ve been together for over 11 years. We both graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and we got married on the top of Flagstaff mountain, bought a house, changed jobs, went on trips, changed jobs again, and then started a family in 2011 and then expanded it in 2013. I used to work full-time in the accounting dept of a graphic printing equipment industry and then moved into a finance role and Dustin works for a start up tech company called MobileDay.


The Second Time Around


It’s only been 6 weeks but it seems like she has been here forever. I know how fleeting these first few weeks are and how quickly they grow so as I am going on with the daily chores of living, I try to pause and just soak in the newness of this little one. My heart sank when I had to pack away the newborn sized clothes and thinking how she was swimming in them the day we brought her home but now she is too big.

The transition of going from a family of 3 to 4 has not been nearly has life shattering as going from 2 to 3. A lot of things are easier the second time around and partly because you know you’ve done it once. The late night parties and cluster feedings will come but I know they are just a season and they too shall pass. Having that perceptive is a lot easier this time around while I am in a zombie state walking & rocking a little one to sleep while knowing in the back of my mind that she will learn to sleep through the night and that I will sleep again. Maybe in 6+ months from now – but that’s besides the point.

The four of us have been on a few outings as a whole family. One was to a Halloween party, and the other was a night out to dinner with relatives and both went smoothly. We divide and conquer. The hubs takes the toddler to go potty while I quickly nurse her before we leave and we are out the door. Also, this second time around I haven’t even used our diaper bag. There is a pack of wipes in the car and I just throw one itty bitty newborn diaper in my purse and we are out the door. 9 times out of 10, she doesn’t need a change while we are out and most of the time she just snoozes peacefully in her carseat.

I’ve forgotten how easy it is to bring a newborn along vs. a wiggly toddler to places. I remember being anxious the first time around and being afraid that he would cry and disturb people around us whether we were at a restaurant or Target. But now even if she fusses and cries when we are out I don’t sweat it and it’s much easier to calm a little baby in a carseat than it is to calm a crying toddler. Now to be fair, BabyBird rarely throws a fit while we are out but you get my point.

Being a family of 4 has been both exhausting to the core but also heart exploding while watching your older child love on the newest member. Days will ebb and flow and some nights will go better than others but wouldn’t change a thing.



Little Quirks


:: Really dislikes a dirty diaper & won’t fall asleep unless it’s clean. A quick diaper change always improves her mood.

:: Loud grunts and groans, especially when pooping. And I mean really loud.

:: Sorta takes a paci. BabyBird took to the Wubbanub/Soothie right away but she doesn’t like it so far & would gag and act like I just gave her a rotten shoe. So I went on a Target run last week and purchased one of each type of paci in hopes that a different shaped one she would like better and sure enough we found one she will take.

:: I don’t think we have day vs. nights figured out yet. But she does give me a good 3 hour or 4 hour stretch at night and similar naps during the day. At night she is in bed next to me, and by next to me – I mean she is glued to my side all night. During the day she takes really good naps in the rock ‘n play.

:: Her witching & fussy hour is usually from 12pm-3am. Thankfully, and oh so very thankfully, Daddy takes this shift and the two of them will hang out downstairs while I get some solo shut eye. He’ll bring her up for the next feeding around 3am and we cuddle up and go back to sleep till the morning.

:: A week after her 1 month check up, I had to pack up and put away all of her newborn clothes and break open the size 1 diapers. How quickly they grow.