39 Weeks – I’m Still Pregnant

Yes, I’m still pregnant. I’m due on the 11th.

39 weeks & 2 days.


I have felt a lot of braxton hicks in these last few days and even a few that would cause me to pause for a moment. I was checked out by my midwife on Tuesday and things are progressing along and I’m waddling around town 3cm dilated. That was 5 days ago.

The best moment of that midwife visit? Seeing BabyBird sing into a medical instrument that is meant to shine a light into an area where light shouldn’t be shined all the while serenading me with Mumford & Sons songs.

I thought I was feeling some contractions last Friday and they were about 8-10 minutes apart but after a shower and some rest they went away during the night. After the warnings from both my midwife and doula I am on super sensitive mode of listening to this bump and trying to get a good feel of when these contractions really start. I hope they are all right that this will be a quick (yet intense) natural labor and delivery.

So other than waiting around for this little girl to make the first move, we are finishing up the nesting around the house and putting things away and putting the finishing touches on the new girly nursery. The co-sleeper is reassembled, clothes are washed and put away, and itty bitty newborn diapers are here.

I know those newborn days and weeks are hellish. Sleep deprivation is a mother. And for now my boobs are mine and not a means to sustain another life.

But I’m ready. Let’s do this.


  • http://alazycrazylife.blogspot.com/ beckyj @ alazycrazylife

    OMG, that’s hilarious! I’m surprised you didn’t laugh yourself into labor right then and there! :) Good luck in your last few days of pregnancy and I can’t wait to hear the good news!!

  • Jaclyn Waggoner

    I’ve been thinking of you! We went to Denver this weekend and I couldn’t help but wonder if you were in labor! I am anxious to see pictures of your little lady!

  • megan

    Amazing about the light singer. Maybe it’s a foreshadow of what he will be when he gets older? A comedian? ;-)