Five on Friday : Toddler Items




I don’t know why we waited so long to get one, but a video monitor rocks! We got this one the Motorola Blink1 which can be connected to all of your iDevices which is pretty cool. Being able to spy and watch this little guy fall asleep is priceless.

It does have a feature where you can talk and the first time I used it to tell BabyBird to get back in bed {yet again} it freaked him out. Now he reminds me to not make Little Beep {which he named} talk. Ha!




We also invested in this little guy, the SleepBuddy clock. Noticing a theme here? It turns on when it’s time to go to bed and turns off to signal that it’s time to get up. We ordered it from Amazon and it arrived all wrapped up and came with a little story book explaining what it is so the presentation was done really well. It also comes with a sticker reward chart which we tried using – though sometimes he doesn’t care too much about earning a sticker.

He does understand the concept and sure enough by 7:31am he comes barreling into our room proclaiming that SleepBuddy is off. Yawn.




He is obsessed with letters. Loves them. He can spell his own name, mom, dad and a few other simple sight words. He is constantly asking us how to spell certain things and recognizing store names and logos {cough/Starbucks/cough}. I got a bucket of these letters and I have to say they have been great. Both uppercase and lowercase letters and enough of them to spell out words – they have been a hit.



We just started reading the Babar books and the first book is rather disturbing – his mother gets shot in the jungle and he runs away to a city and dresses up in human clothing and marries his cousin. Does nobody else in the town realize that he’s a giant elephant dressed in a nice suit? Same with Curious George if you’ve ever read the original book – the man with the yellow hat basically poaches George from the jungle, smuggles him back home, gives him a bath and a cigar.



This is his pile of lovies on his bed. It started innocently enough with MeMe {beloved sock monkey} then we slowly added in Moo {a chick-fil-A cow}, Seahorse and then came Purple Bear {from San Francisco} and then it just went on and on. Each one has a name and they are all tucked along the side of the bed next to the wall. It is pretty adorable to see him snuggling with one during the night but at the rate we are going, he’s going to run out of space to sleep.



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  • Megan

    Oh my gosh, I literally laughed out loud for your book description. I LOVE going through all my old favorite books and movies from a parent viewpoint and talking about it.
    For example: Elmo’s parent’s are always MIA. He’s only 3 1/2 and shouldn’t be meandering around a street by himself. Also, I’m HIGHLY concerned over Mr. Noodle, who randomly lurks outside his bedroom window all the time.

    • Christene // MommaBird

      Haha – good point! It never occurred to me that Elmo was wandering the streets alone. Mr Noodle reminds me of Mr Bean