After The Storms


That face. Sigh.

The rain has finally stopped. Finally. Flood waters are staring to recede and slowly people are staring to clean and rebuild. It seems so surreal to be in a disaster zone in your own city.

He’s been such a trooper with all this rain lately and being indoors day after day. When the weather finally broke last Friday, we all ventured out to see the damage around our area {we live about 15 miles outside of Boulder} and even went out for lunch. Last weekend we took a family trip to the Denver Zoo on a nice cool morning. He’s been super into the Babar books and was really tickled to see an elephant up close.

Sunday was spent at an adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party where he had a great time running around and swiping cupcakes & cookies. This kid is quick and oh so sneaky – he ran right up to the dessert table and grabbed a cookie right as I said to put it back and before I knew it he had licked it … yes licked the cookie therefore he couldn’t put it back.

bath2Mastering the eye roll.

It’s really starting to sink in that my “baby” is growing up and he is looking so much older each week. This age is pretty fun, at 2.5 he is great company and we are good buddies together. He starts each day asking “what’s today, momma?” always curious as to what I have in store for us. Most days we are out of the house on play dates or errands but every once in awhile we also have chill and lazy days at home spent in our PJs. The other perk of this age? He can play independently for awhile and even go upstairs to fetch things for his waddling momma who doesn’t want to walk up and down.

I won’t even begin to describe the things that are coming out of his mouth – most of the time he has me in stitches with laughter while other times I’m speechless on how to respond. He’s picking up slang and catch phrases and even starting to tell his own jokes. We’ve also mastered the art of the pout and he is quick to ask for a hug whenever he hears a stern tone from us. But my favorite hands down is his singing – this kid loves to sing. Whether that is a nursery rhyme or kid music he can belt out a tune.


Kid – these next few weeks are going to be pretty special while you are still our only child.

I am in the final stretch of this pregnancy and we will soon meet Baby Sister. She is constantly rolling and using my internal organs as her very own punching bag. I frequent the bathroom more times than I can count and I feel like a beached whale each morning as I roll out of bed – literally. But we are all so excited to meet her and introduce her to everyone in 3 weeks.


  • Megan

    I thought of you guys all the time last week! Glad to hear you’re untouched. I’m in Aurora, and while North Aurora got slammed, down here in S. Aurora (almost Parker) it didn’t even touch us. Very lucky. Though I did think I saw my neighbor draining his basement today, I just didn’t go investigate b/c I thought I may look douchey.
    So glad to hear you’re doing well, and agree on the beached whale thing. Rolling over is an olympic sport, and I have two months left.