37 Weeks – Waddling Stage

19 days left.

She is head down and although I am happy she is in the right position for birth – it is another story on my poor bladder and girly bits. Bathroom trips are very frequent for the sole purpose of some relief but all-in-all this pregnancy has gone smoothly and I really can’t complain.

I’ve stopped weighing myself because I know I weigh more than my husband right now. Heck I think I passed him a few weeks ago to be honest. Sad face. Which to be fair is not that difficult to do since he runs & bikes an insane amount of hours each week – for example he biked 25+ miles a few weeks ago {with BabyBird in tow in the chariot} but usually he does a few runs/bike rides a week. And although he has a healthy appetite, calories just don’t stick on him. Unlike me.

Sleeping has been so-so and has been better this time with a body pillow or otherwise known as the 3rd person in our bed. It takes me a bit to fall asleep and I wake up at the slightest of noises – including the hubs walking up the stairs and just entering the bedroom. I usually get a head start each night and go to bed first – then the hubs quietly sneaks in later while trying to not wake the sleeping pregnant lady and endure her wrath if she does wake. He’s even started to take his clothes off in the hallway before even coming into the bedroom so it doesn’t wake me and tip toes into bed – bless his heart.

Throughout the night I usually get up 2-3 times to pee and creep back into bed and pray that I fall asleep quickly. Every morning I roll out of bed – I wish I was exaggerating but I literally roll out bed.

I can eat everything in sight so no food aversions or heart burn to speak of and not many cravings either. I’m not a regular consumer of cereal, unless I am pregnant. Cereal has been my food of choice as my 4th meal before bed to hold me over till the morning. Frosted mini-wheats are delish.

The weather has finally started to cool down and it is starting to feel like autumn but I’m still in skirts and dresses because I am always warm and roasting. I am looking forward to the cooler temps for sweaters and boots – and of course meeting this little girl.