Bedtime Shenanigans


A month ago we transitioned our 2.5 year old from the crib to a big boy bedroom complete with his own twin bed.

With another one on the way, we wanted to give ample time for BabyBird to adjust to a new room and not feel like he was kicked out of the nursery because of his sister. Just so they don’t start off on the wrong foot and all.

Now before I go on – I have to say that he loved his crib and was a great sleeper. He went to bed every night without a fuss {we had a set bedtime routine that we’ve been doing since he was 4+ months old} and usually once we laid him down in his crib he was out and we didn’t hear a peep out of him until the morning. And for how tall he is, he never once climbed out of his crib. Not once. So foolish me thought the transition to a big boy bed wouldn’t be much of a problem. Ha!

I know he is just testing his boundaries and at this point he fully understands what is going on and what he is doing. He is a professional procrastinator and he is using every delay tactic known to mankind to push back bedtime – can I blame him? Not really. It’s part of growing up.

Every night he will tip toe out of his room, and slowly and quietly walk down the stairs to find us. We usually hear him and tell him to go back to bed. He will protest and tell us what is wrong and asks for us me to come upstairs and tuck him in again.

Here are some of my favorite reasons as to why he is out of bed:

:: I’m having a hard time sleeping

:: I need to blow my nose

:: I need a tiny sip of water

:: I’m just a little bit thirsty

:: I’m still hungry

:: Fix my pillow

:: Fix my blanket

:: One more story

:: I need to go potty

:: I can’t find Sophie/MeMe

:: I need a bandaid

:: I need a kiss on my boo-boo

:: I feel down and broke my crown {courtesy of Jack & Jill}

and my all time favorite…

:: I’m mad at you {directed at me – stab to the heart kid}

Some nights it takes several attempts and can last hours. While other nights it takes just a few and he falls asleep. But he knows how to work the system. But once he is asleep we don’t hear from him until the morning when his SleepBuddy {toddler alarm clock} turns off and he happily marches into our room & loudly proclaims that it’s morning all the while being just 2 inches away from my face.