2.5 Years Update


You are my buddy through and through and we do everything together. You are pretty chill and easy to take places and most days we venture out and do one activity and then hang around the house for the rest of the day. We haven’t hit many any “terrible two” moments other than your great procrastination skills on delaying bedtime but I think that’s pretty normal for your age.

Daddy: Are you having trouble sleeping bud?
BabyBird: <whispers> Yeah…
D: Anything I can do to help?
B: <whispers> Little bit of A/C?
D: Sure… and why are you whispering?
B: <whispers> Mommy’s sleeping?

We are working on having good listening ears but overall you are great at following instructions. I also love that I can ask you to fetch things around the house or to put things away – even if they are upstairs.

You love going to school 2 days a week and pretty much push me out of your classroom at drop off but you run into my arms at pick up. In the car you love to tell me all about your day but in your excitement it ends up being a mess of names, foods and toys all jumbled together. Montessori school has been a great fit for you and I love seeing how proud you are to do things for yourself and cleaning up after yourself. You are so sweet & social and love meeting up with your friends to play or approaching kids at the playground to join their games.

Throughout the day you are either talking or singing the whole day and I love that I have a little buddy to chat with all day long. Your language and speech blows me away sometimes talking in 3-5 word sentences and other times I am speechless with laughter – we are often reminded that sarcasm is a bit lost on you and you take things very directly. In the last few weeks you’ve gotten a lot better on your pronouns and on your past and future tenses.

Lately you have included Baby Sister in games or when we are sharing pretend food and you’ll offer a bite to my belly and say it’s for her ::melt:: and now when you give me a goodnight hug you’ll also give my belly one too. I think the idea of getting a Baby Sister is sinking in for you and I am beyond excited for you to meet her. It has also helped that a lot of your friends have recently become big brothers and it has helped for you to see the new babies.

Kid you are awesome and I love you to the moon and back.

- – -

now the rest of this is more for me & documenting this stage because I’ve loved going back and reading these when he was 3mos, 6mos, 1 year, etc so I know I’ll love this when he’s older so no hurt feelings if you skip all of this and just scroll down for the pictures. Ha!


– know your alphabet, capital letters and lowercase

– can write most “straight lined” letters like H, L, M, N, I, T, W, etc

– spell your name, mom & dad along with our first names

– count above 10 & recognizes all of your numbers

– count to 10 in spanish

– basic colors in spanish

– a few words & verbs in spanish

– talking non-stop, I joke that you are my daily narrator

– a funny sense of humor and you crack yourself up making jokes or purposely saying things incorrectly

– you’ve mastered the pout and putting on a sad face when we say no

– your imagination is awesome and love to play your instruments, especially your guitar

– mimic story lines from books & shows – like Dora the Explorer

– really good at a lot of preschool iPhone games without me ever showing you how they work

– absolutely love to sing songs and know almost all nursery rhymes and children songs

– latest favorite band is Mumford & Sons and sing along to Babel, I Will Wait & The Lion Man

– love going on rides in your chariot (up to 3 to 4 hour trips) and jogging stroller with Daddy and exploring all the parks & playgrounds

– willing to try every water slide, playground, play equipment, ride and pretty much anything I would allow you to do




– love pasta of any kind – mac & cheese is still an all time favorite

– breakfast food is your next favorite – pancakes & waffles

– eats most vegetables, your favorite by far is peas, corn, carrots & broccoli

– eats every fruit known to man kind

– love smoothies made by Daddy packed with flax seeds & kale

– still not a big fan of meat but you’ve recently discovered chicken nuggets

– favorite restaurant is Lucky Pie & Sweet Cow – but who could blame you, it’s our favorite too




– 28lbs and 3ft tall or a bit taller – you come up to my hip (how’s that for an exact measurement?)

– wearing 3T shirts and 18-24mo shorts, you are tall & skinny just like Daddy

– fully potty trained but you do wear a pull-up at night but most mornings you wake up dry

– you can get dressed mostly by yourself and put on/off your own shoes – you love to zip up your bedtime PJs each night

– chore/responsibility: you put away your own clothes in your dresser, put your toys away, get your own utensils out for meals & put dirty dishes in the sink




– you sleep from 9pm-7:30am on most days

– nap from 1:30pm – 3:30pm though lately you’ve been going down for your nap later but sleeping a good solid 2 hours, sometimes 3 hours

– a solid nighttime sleeper and you very rarely ever wake up during the night

– 2 weeks before you turned 2.5 years old – we transitioned you to a big boy bed

– master procrastinator on going to bed: need blow my nose, pee, sip of water, missing a certain lovie, need another hug, or my favorite is you sneaking downstairs and saying in a whisper “I’m having a hard time sleeping Mama”



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