37 Weeks – Waddling Stage

19 days left.

She is head down and although I am happy she is in the right position for birth – it is another story on my poor bladder and girly bits. Bathroom trips are very frequent for the sole purpose of some relief but all-in-all this pregnancy has gone smoothly and I really can’t complain.

I’ve stopped weighing myself because I know I weigh more than my husband right now. Heck I think I passed him a few weeks ago to be honest. Sad face. Which to be fair is not that difficult to do since he runs & bikes an insane amount of hours each week – for example he biked 25+ miles a few weeks ago {with BabyBird in tow in the chariot} but usually he does a few runs/bike rides a week. And although he has a healthy appetite, calories just don’t stick on him. Unlike me.

Sleeping has been so-so and has been better this time with a body pillow or otherwise known as the 3rd person in our bed. It takes me a bit to fall asleep and I wake up at the slightest of noises – including the hubs walking up the stairs and just entering the bedroom. I usually get a head start each night and go to bed first – then the hubs quietly sneaks in later while trying to not wake the sleeping pregnant lady and endure her wrath if she does wake. He’s even started to take his clothes off in the hallway before even coming into the bedroom so it doesn’t wake me and tip toes into bed – bless his heart.

Throughout the night I usually get up 2-3 times to pee and creep back into bed and pray that I fall asleep quickly. Every morning I roll out of bed – I wish I was exaggerating but I literally roll out bed.

I can eat everything in sight so no food aversions or heart burn to speak of and not many cravings either. I’m not a regular consumer of cereal, unless I am pregnant. Cereal has been my food of choice as my 4th meal before bed to hold me over till the morning. Frosted mini-wheats are delish.

The weather has finally started to cool down and it is starting to feel like autumn but I’m still in skirts and dresses because I am always warm and roasting. I am looking forward to the cooler temps for sweaters and boots – and of course meeting this little girl.


Bedtime Shenanigans


A month ago we transitioned our 2.5 year old from the crib to a big boy bedroom complete with his own twin bed.

With another one on the way, we wanted to give ample time for BabyBird to adjust to a new room and not feel like he was kicked out of the nursery because of his sister. Just so they don’t start off on the wrong foot and all.

Now before I go on – I have to say that he loved his crib and was a great sleeper. He went to bed every night without a fuss {we had a set bedtime routine that we’ve been doing since he was 4+ months old} and usually once we laid him down in his crib he was out and we didn’t hear a peep out of him until the morning. And for how tall he is, he never once climbed out of his crib. Not once. So foolish me thought the transition to a big boy bed wouldn’t be much of a problem. Ha!

I know he is just testing his boundaries and at this point he fully understands what is going on and what he is doing. He is a professional procrastinator and he is using every delay tactic known to mankind to push back bedtime – can I blame him? Not really. It’s part of growing up.

Every night he will tip toe out of his room, and slowly and quietly walk down the stairs to find us. We usually hear him and tell him to go back to bed. He will protest and tell us what is wrong and asks for us me to come upstairs and tuck him in again.

Here are some of my favorite reasons as to why he is out of bed:

:: I’m having a hard time sleeping

:: I need to blow my nose

:: I need a tiny sip of water

:: I’m just a little bit thirsty

:: I’m still hungry

:: Fix my pillow

:: Fix my blanket

:: One more story

:: I need to go potty

:: I can’t find Sophie/MeMe

:: I need a bandaid

:: I need a kiss on my boo-boo

:: I feel down and broke my crown {courtesy of Jack & Jill}

and my all time favorite…

:: I’m mad at you {directed at me – stab to the heart kid}

Some nights it takes several attempts and can last hours. While other nights it takes just a few and he falls asleep. But he knows how to work the system. But once he is asleep we don’t hear from him until the morning when his SleepBuddy {toddler alarm clock} turns off and he happily marches into our room & loudly proclaims that it’s morning all the while being just 2 inches away from my face.


After The Storms


That face. Sigh.

The rain has finally stopped. Finally. Flood waters are staring to recede and slowly people are staring to clean and rebuild. It seems so surreal to be in a disaster zone in your own city.

He’s been such a trooper with all this rain lately and being indoors day after day. When the weather finally broke last Friday, we all ventured out to see the damage around our area {we live about 15 miles outside of Boulder} and even went out for lunch. Last weekend we took a family trip to the Denver Zoo on a nice cool morning. He’s been super into the Babar books and was really tickled to see an elephant up close.

Sunday was spent at an adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party where he had a great time running around and swiping cupcakes & cookies. This kid is quick and oh so sneaky – he ran right up to the dessert table and grabbed a cookie right as I said to put it back and before I knew it he had licked it … yes licked the cookie therefore he couldn’t put it back.

bath2Mastering the eye roll.

It’s really starting to sink in that my “baby” is growing up and he is looking so much older each week. This age is pretty fun, at 2.5 he is great company and we are good buddies together. He starts each day asking “what’s today, momma?” always curious as to what I have in store for us. Most days we are out of the house on play dates or errands but every once in awhile we also have chill and lazy days at home spent in our PJs. The other perk of this age? He can play independently for awhile and even go upstairs to fetch things for his waddling momma who doesn’t want to walk up and down.

I won’t even begin to describe the things that are coming out of his mouth – most of the time he has me in stitches with laughter while other times I’m speechless on how to respond. He’s picking up slang and catch phrases and even starting to tell his own jokes. We’ve also mastered the art of the pout and he is quick to ask for a hug whenever he hears a stern tone from us. But my favorite hands down is his singing – this kid loves to sing. Whether that is a nursery rhyme or kid music he can belt out a tune.


Kid – these next few weeks are going to be pretty special while you are still our only child.

I am in the final stretch of this pregnancy and we will soon meet Baby Sister. She is constantly rolling and using my internal organs as her very own punching bag. I frequent the bathroom more times than I can count and I feel like a beached whale each morning as I roll out of bed – literally. But we are all so excited to meet her and introduce her to everyone in 3 weeks.


When It Really Rains – #boulderflood

It has been raining 4 days non-stop now and last night when we went to bed – we were under a flash flood warning. Throughout the night my phone was buzzing with reverse 911 alerts of flooding in Boulder County and sure enough by this morning most of the City of Boulder is flooded. Crazy.

We are safe and dry. Our gutters were overflowing all night and the streets were flooded but nothing major, at least nothing compared to Boulder.

Here are some pics from Twitter and other news sources showing the massive amounts of water.

flood flood2 flood3Colorado Flooding Colorado Flooding flood7 flood8

This one is nearby our house & is a road that I frequently take, you can see that the road underneath just got washed away.


Stay safe everyone!

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