Week 30 – Feeling Round

I have 10 weeks left. 10 weeks.

That’s 10 Saturdays until I meet this little girl.




We’ve been doing great, and this little one is so active every night when I sit down to blog or browse the web. So far sleeping at night has been okay and not too uncomfortable yet, though the hubs has woken me up in the middle of the night in fear that I was going to drown in my own snores. Pregnancy is so glamorous I tell ya. And just for reference – you never wake a sleeping momma, much less a sleeping pregnant momma so that is kind of a big deal.

Food wise, I am eating pretty much everything in sight except for that margarita that I have been craving since January. I have stashed a handful of almonds by my nightstand for those midnight sugar crashes but other than just eating more frequently food hasn’t been an issue. It’s definitely not an issue because I am creeping up on the hubs’ weight. Give me another cupcake and I’ll match him easily.

Starting to feel more round and remembering that I am pregnant and carrying another little human inside of me. All of my clothes are maternity with the exception of wearing the hubs’ boxers at night. My belly almost touches the steering wheel when I’m in the car and it’ll only be a few more weeks before I’ll be moving the seat back to accommodate this expanding belly. Speaking of the expanding belly, I am now approaching that critical time when I can no longer touch my toes easily which means I’ll just have to get pedicures from here on out – darn.

She moves – a lot. Especially in the evenings. Though so far I haven’t experienced any hiccups yet like I did when I was pregnant with BabyBird, I remember getting hiccups all the time with him. No braxton hicks yet either just a lot of sharp elbows/knees/feet that have been nudging me from the inside. BabyBird has noticed and made comments that my belly is getting bigger and for now there is still enough of a lap for him to sit comfortably. He hasn’t felt her kick yet or seen my belly move, but I’m excited to be able to share that with him in the coming weeks. He has accompanied me to a few of my midwife appointments and has become quite the little helper in squeezing the bulb to take my blood pressure and he even gets to turn on the doppler to listen to Baby Sister’s whooshing heart beat.

Thankfully we got a good break in the weather these last two weeks with highs in only the 80’s which is such a relief for this waddling momma. But overall this pregnancy has been going smoothly and now that we’ve got only 10 weeks left I am nesting, cleaning and organizing everything in preparation for this little one. And maybe just a little bit of girl clothes shopping too – shh!


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  • Bunnie Lu

    Squeee!! This is so exciting!! Are you going to get maternity photos done? I can’t wait to see your beautiful little squishy! Sweet Pea moved all the time at night, and seemed to sleep all day. When she finally arrived earth side, she had her days and nights mixed up! It took a few weeks to get them fixed, but now they’re right on track.

    • http://mommabird.net/ Christene // MommaBird

      I’m thinking of doing maternity photos towards late Sept – hoping some of the leaves will have changed colors by then but it might be too early. And she is definitely a lot more active at night but that might also have to do with the fact that I may be eating a dessert or pre-bed meal

  • http://www.dreamstodo.com/ Ariel @ Dreams To Do

    ADORABLE!! I totally craved margaritas throughout both of my pregnancies.

  • C The Writer

    Wow! You’re really pregnant! Haha. Just kidding, well, of course you are. lol. I hope things continue to go well with your pregnancy. I can’t imagine that being pregnant is the easiest thing in the world, so I’m glad you haven’t had a rough pregnancy.