Say What?


at the dinner table one night

BabyBird: “I’m making a small mess”

Me: “What do you think momma is going to say about that?”

BabyBird: ::pauses:: “nothing”


after giving him his dinner

BabyBird: “I don’t like noodles” ::pauses:: “I still love you, momma”


Me: “What do you want momma to do?”

BabyBird: “Leave!”

Me: “Where is momma leaving to?”

BabyBird: “Leave over there!”


after a rough bedtime routine with a cranky toddler

Me: “What was your favorite part today?”

BabyBird: ::pouts:: “I don’t have a favorite part”


pointing at 3 flags in front of a rec center as we are walking up to the front entrance

BabyBird: “Fags over there!”

Me: ::blank look on my face::

BabyBird: “I see three fags”

Me: ::trying desperately to figure out what he is talking about:: “What do you see?”

BabyBird: “They are waving, one is on top”

Me: “Oh, the flags!” ::cue sigh of relief::

BabyBird: “They are going back & forth”

Me: “Yes, honey… Flllags”


BabyBird is 2yrs & 5 months old.


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  • Bryn Ellis

    Lol. The last one is my fave.

    • Christene // MommaBird

      I was so thankful that nobody was around to hear him.

      • C The Writer

        Oh my…whew.