Our Favorite Toddler iPhone Apps

iphone apps for toddlers

These are a few of our favorite iPhone apps for my 2-2.5 year old. He absolutely loves anything related to letters and numbers so these games have been perfect for him. Plus it entertains him for a good 15-20 minutes at time, which is just enough time for momma to shower. We kept one of our old iPhone 4 and cleared everything off except these games and enabled the restrictions {he has learned how to FaceTime his daddy and grandparents solo} to block in-app purchases or making FaceTime calls. Some of these are free games and some cost a few dollars – but is worth the money!

1. TocaMonsters – Super cute game where you feed your monster of choice certain foods and it lets you cook, chop or blend each food item. Really entertaining and has great graphics.

2. ShapeBuilder – Simple puzzle like game including numbers, letters and shapes of common things. I thought this would be too complicated at first, but after a few minutes my 2.5year old caught on real quick.

3. Letter Quiz – A well made letter writing/tracing game, I screenshot his first game and it’s pretty precious seeing his first attempt at writing letters.

4. Endless Alphabet- Half puzzle, half spelling game. The letters of words are scrambled and you place each letter back into the correct place – the sound effect gets old after a few minutes but he loves matching the letters.

5. Monkey Preschool LunchBox – A bunch of little puzzles with numbers, shapes and letters perfect for 2-4 year olds and is easy to follow along

6. PBS Play & Learn – One of our first apps and filled with a lot of great practical life situations and games that are fun and educational.


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  • Mrs. K

    Ooh, we have endless alphabet and Monkey pre-school lunchbox. I’ll have to try the others. My 2.5 year old is so capable with the ipad it’s scary :)

    • http://mommabird.net/ Christene // MommaBird

      That intro song/tune for lunchbox is forever engraved into my mind. I haven’t shown him my iPad yet – but he is so good with the iPhone already

  • Mary

    Try smart toddler puzzles pro++ (iphone/ipad) app. It teaches kids in fun and relaxed way what all they need prior to kindergarten. Puzzles too are 3D designed. Kids are more involved and learning faster.