Five on Friday : Random List


I’ve been saving my pennies – well rather our Amex reward points – for an intro DSLR camera. I’ve been drooling over these for some time and decided that with another little one on the way, we wanted to upgrade our point ‘n shoot camera to something better and higher quality. So I’ve been deep into reviews and trying to figure out just what kind I want to get. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a Canon, but just not sure which one. Any recommendations?

Our last splurge was getting a Blendtec blender (the hubs’ choice) and we’ve been using that almost every day this summer making smoothies and I hopefully will get an equal amount of use out of the new camera.




BabyBird has officially grown up. Yup, he’s all grown up now. No more diapers, and now no more crib. We’ve officially moved him into his new big boy bedroom with a twin bed. I still have a few pictures to hang and some final touches before I reveal his new bedroom. But he’s been sleeping in it for the last 2 weeks or so and overall it has been going really good. We’ve definitely had nights & naps where he is getting up – but that’s to be expected as he is testing his boundaries and our patience.

Last night he woke up, and quietly sneaked into our bedroom and crawled into bed next to me. In my half sleepy daze, I thought it was the hubs and then realized it was a stinky little toddler laying next to me. We cuddled for a little bit and then I put him back in his bed – but boy did that melt my heart.


Getting a special treat for staying in his big boy bed all night.




We went to the zoo this week. Yes, an 8 month pregnant momma and her 2.5 year old toddler tackled the Denver Zoo – we have a yearly membership and lately the mornings have been cooler so I thought why not. I packed us a picnic lunch and we drove down to the zoo for the morning. It was definitely tiring and exhausting pushing this guy around in the BOB stroller but we had a great time and he loved riding the carousel. I had the mindset that we would just stay for an hour, eat lunch and head home but a certain little guy wanted to see the giraffes, monkeys & elephants before we left. And just so conveniently those three animals are located on opposite ends of the zoo – so needless to say I got my workout in for the day.



I’m in full on nesting mode lately. I’ve washed and organized all the itty bitty girl clothes and getting the nursery ready. Which I know is silly since she won’t be sleeping in there until she’s at least 3-4 months old (we are planning on co-sleeping for the first several months) but I think it’s just part of the preparation. Speaking of which, I can’t decide on curtains… it’s down to these three choices:

pink ruffle

Which one do you like? I was leaning towards the silk pink ones for the longest time – but now I’m doubting that choice. Maybe the white ruffles?



We just re-discovered story time at the library. I tried going to them back when he was younger, like 18 months or so, and he was just so squirmy and wouldn’t pay attention that it became more of a struggle to get him to sit still during it that I gave up on the idea until recently when a friend was going and sent an open invite out for anyone else that was interested in joining. One of her boys shares the exact same birthday as BabyBird. We stopped by one week after swim class and he loved it and sang the songs all week afterwards and he did so good sitting still and listening to the stories.



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    Aw, what a cute son. And a baby girl on the way. I love the curtain choices, baby pink is so beautiful and “happy” to me. Kudos for you for tackling the zoo 8 months preggers and with a toddler!

    • Christene // MommaBird

      Thank you! I’m leaning towards pink now – it is a lot more girly and fun.

  • Megan

    Yay for a new DSLR! I’ve got a Canon Eos Rebel T3i and love it! You can’t go wrong! It really never takes a bad picture.

    I love the pink curtains! Very girly. Our daughter’s room is pink and brown, so we went with chocolate brown curtains and I often wish we would have gone with a happier color!

    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Seems like you’re doing awesome though…zoo and all!

    • Christene // MommaBird

      Nice! I was looking at that one or the T4i – my head is spinning after reading so many reviews and comparisons on the models.

  • Katelyn Howell

    I have been saving up for a DSLR too, but it is such a big decision. I have been doing research and still don’t feel ready to take the plunge!

    • Christene // MommaBird

      I’m in the same boat though I am technically spending our credit card “points” which I have to pick a gift card – but it’s still a big investment and upgrade.

  • Haley

    Those white ruffle curtains are absolutely precious!

    • Christene // MommaBird

      I agree! See my dilemma? :)

  • Jane

    the curtains are so lovely~ my first dslr was the canon rebel series! i loved it!

    • Christene // MommaBird

      Good to know, I think it will be a Canon rebel, just not sure which one yet. I’m going cross eyed reading the reviews.