Boating with Papa

On the last weekend in June, we loaded up the car and headed down to the reservoir to go boating. BabyBird’s grandpa restores old wooden lymen boats and we’ve gone boating every summer since I can remember.

This was last summer.



and this summer. It’s crazy how much he has grown in just one year. BabyBird loves helping Papa drive the boat.




This year, BabyBird was big enough to go on the inner tube (with Daddy of course) and go for a ride around the reservoir. This kid has no fear, I tell you. Papa drove around and went in circles making waves to bounce these two boys around and they had a blast.

By mid-morning some storm clouds started to roll in so we headed off to find a cozy cove to hang out in and ate lunch. We also went exploring on the shore and spent a good few hours making mud castles and playing with the water. This kid must have fetched a few dozen buckets of water to pour into the little river that was made and didn’t even flinch being submerged in the water.




The water guns were a hit and he had a great time learning how to fill his and shoot his Daddy & Papa.




A perfect summer day spent boating.


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