Being Pregnant – Volume 2

Now that I am in my final stretch of this pregnancy at 33 weeks, I can now reflect on some similarities and differences between this one and last time with BabyBird.

I feel a lot rounder this time around and I don’t remember wearing clothes to be this uncomfortable. Last time I was working full time in a causal business setting so I could get away with jeans, but now at the thought of putting on a pair of maternity jeans has me shuddering. I’m usually found in stretchy skirts and a tank top and I usually take that off the minute I get home and hang out around the house in the hubs’ boxers. Everything just feels so tight and uncomfortable that I can’t wait to get home and put on lounge clothes.


Belly wise – I remember BabyBird getting a lot of hiccups and so far I haven’t felt any with #2. Also at this point, I haven’t had any braxton hick contractions but I do feel a lot more movement and wiggling going around. Both times baby’s head has been down which adds a bit of pressure down there so I won’t even begin to whine about the constant bathroom trips. My poor bladder just doesn’t have any room and should I even explain what happens when I sneeze? And oh the leg cramps – geez those are horrible and I will be looking forward to when those are a thing of the past.

On the food front – I get a pretty bad sweet tooth while pregnant and this time was no exception. And I think I’ve roped the hubs into my nightly treats but he is definitely not showing any symptoms of the sympathy weight – which might be because of all the running & cycling he does each week. BabyBird was a winter baby, which meant I ate crates among crates of Cutie oranges when they were in season and while #2 will be a fall baby, I have been enjoying all the fresh fruit of the fall harvest – especially Palisade Peaches which are these amazing juicy peaches grown in Colorado. I’ve been eating one to two of these each day.

I’m measuring exactly the same this time, even in the weight department. Granted I started a 4 pounds heavier this time, but I’ve gained exactly the same amount of weight. And #2 is measuring to be about the same as BabyBird which will mean I’ll have a 7 pounder by the end of all of this which I am perfectly fine with.

The birth plan or I should say preferences are the same as last time. Though I would prefer to make it to the hospital a bit sooner than last time (I arrived at the hospital at 5am, and BabyBird was born at 5:06am – you can read his birth story here) though my midwife did not make it and it was the labor & delivery nurse that caught baby, everything was fine and the whole experience was good. My goal this time around will be the same, to labor as much as I can in the comfort of home with my doula & the hubs and going into this whole show all natural. I know by the grace of mother nature, mommy amnesia has hit me and right at this moment I can’t recall just how intense it will be again but I’ll surely be reminded in 6 weeks. With this being my 2nd go – I am still amazed at what a women’s body can do. To grow life from one cell and create a perfect little human and then give birth to said little human – between the genetics and all the biology involved it truly is a miracle.

I’m looking forward to meeting this little girl and having another little one to squeeze and love. But above everything, I am so grateful for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby girl in just 6 weeks.

- – -

My heart and prayers have been going out to Diana, Sam & Bella all week as they endure the truly unimaginable of circumstances of saying goodbye to their son, Kaden – who was with us for 3 weeks before he passed due to heart failure. I can’t help but think of her while writing this tonight and every night as I tuck my little guy in bed and rub my round belly. My heart is absolutely breaking for her and I just can’t even fathom what she is going through having to lay to rest her baby boy after having to let go of her twins Preston & Julian a year or so ago.


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