Being a Stay at Home Mom – One Year Later

On this day a year ago – I was heading to the office 3 days a week at a company that I’ve been at since my college days. Except on this day, it would be my last day at the office.

Initially I had some mixed feelings about how the departure was handled – as anyone would in my position but after the initial shock wore off I have found that I’ve embraced and enjoyed being a stay at home mom.


Now keep in mind that ever since I was 16 I have had a job in one form or another whether that was in retail, restaurants, or doctor offices I’ve done the whole range of jobs before having a career. After I got pregnant with BabyBird I worked my entire pregnancy (literally up to the very day I went into labor) and I couldn’t imagine what my daily life and rhythm would look like without being employed. It was just what I had known. I’ve balanced a job with being in high school and in college – so naturally I felt like I would balance it while having a newborn. I took a 3 month maternity leave (technically I did work during my leave answering emails and doing what I could remotely) and sent my sweet 3 month old BabyBird to Montessori daycare and I went back to work.

It was a hard transition at first but slowly we got into a groove but it wasn’t easy. I battled breastfeeding and supply issues being away from him 8 hours a day and struggled to pump enough milk to fill his daycare bottles for the next day plus the added stress of being back at work. Each night it felt like we were just preparing – washing bottles, laundry and getting everything ready for the next day. With both of us working it was a juggling act in the mornings on getting out of the house on time. Not to mention how badly I missed the little guy. Some parts did get easier as the months went on, but by the end of the year I decided to make a change and asked if I could work part-time. By the beginning of 2013 I was working just 3 days a week and I had 2 days off to spend with BabyBird who was about to turn 2. It was the best of both worlds.

What frightened me the most about being a stay at home mom was the lack of everyday social interaction with people. At first I had a hard time imaging what my days would look like spending them with just BabyBird doing the same routine over and over. But what I couldn’t see was that as each day and week passed he got older and things got so much easier. He’s a pretty laid back kid and we signed up for music classes, soccer, gymnastics and all the other daytime activities that I couldn’t do when I was working. And we made friends with other SAHM and that was a complete life saver. Now that he’s 2.5 years old, he talks up a storm. all. day. long.


Some days were tough and monotonous and other days we didn’t even get out of our PJs. But we spent them together. These first few years are so precious and so much changes in just a few months that my heart was absolutely breaking that I was missing these moments while at the office. Being at home isn’t easy and between the constant food preparation, clean up, laundry and daily chores it does keep me fairly busy all day & evening long – and that’s just the house stuff. Not to mention the actual toddler that is walking around looking to be entertained, taught and loved.

In the last 6 months, everyone has gotten into a great groove. BabyBird still attends the same Montessori school but only 2 school hour days a week and this allows me do the grocery shopping and run errands solo. It also gives him interaction with his teachers and classmates which has been so beneficial to him both socially and his independence. The hubs’ job allows him to work from home a few days a week so we get to see him during the day and spend time together for lunches. I am beyond grateful and blessed that the hubs is a total rock star at his profession and we could afford for me to stay at home. After a day of working, he’ll take the little guy out for runs or bike rides (while I cook dinner) and always does the bath & bed routine. He puts in long hours and I know I don’t always give him proper credit but he really is our rock.


It’s been an amazing year filled with ups and downs – but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I never imagined myself as a stay at home mom but now I can’t picture anything different.

In just another 6 short weeks – our worlds are going to be rocked again with this new addition and I am excited to see what this next year will bring with two little ones in tow.

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  • Ariel @ Dreams To Do

    Your schedule sounds like perfection! That is so nice that you get extra time with your hubby during the week and some alone time to get errands done. Jealous! This is an encouraging post for someone who had put off being a SAHM for some of the same fears you initially had. XOXO

    • Christene // MommaBird

      Thanks, it’s not easy some days having everyone at home but it has been really nice having the hubs around during the week. Though there are a lot of late night work or returning back to the “office” after dinner so there are some trade offs