Georgetown Railroad

Last Monday, we drove up to the mountains to ride the Georgetown Loop Railroad on one of their diesel locomotives through the Clear Creek canyon. Or in other words, getting to ride a Thomas-like train and blow the mind of a 2.5 year old. I’ve learned {the hard way} to not tell BabyBird what we are doing the night before so I waited until that morning to surprise him with the day’s activity. We talked about it all during breakfast and the ride up to Georgetown – about 1.5hr car ride from our house. We met up with our good friends who we’ve known since our kiddos were still baking inside of us and our two boys are less than 2 weeks apart in age. And ironically enough we are both pregnant again and with girls this round and they will be about 2 months apart in age.

Once we got up to Georgetown and bought our tickets, the boys totally understood what was about to go down. BabyBird was so excited to get on the train and I think the anticipation of actually getting on the train was equally if not more fun than the actual train ride.







The ride was a total of 1 hour – which was a bit long for a 2.5 year old. He loved the first 30 minutes and sat still for the ride, but on the way back he was much more wiggly and ready to get up and walk around and I also ran out of snacks. The look on these two boys faces whenever the train went choo-choo at intersections & crossings was absolutely priceless.

Afterwards, we headed into town to a local cafe for some sandwiches and took them to a nearby park to eat & play. Georgetown is not that big, it’s a cute little mountain town so just imagine two pregnant chicks {with one that is due in 2 weeks} walking waddling through downtown in matching jogging strollers with two little half-asian boys in tow. We were quite the sight. And it didn’t take long for the employes at the cafe to notice along with some of their customers to remark just how adorable we were.



The park was awesome, it had a cute tree-house theme but the best part was this little fountain in the middle which left a puddle. Guess who played in that for almost an hour? And yes, he got completely soaked – that’s why you see him in 3 different outfits in these pictures.



Dear Playground Designers: Why would you do this? I realize that it’s cute and all for the adults to pick a font that is kid like, but for any kids that attempt to read or recognize the letters it is just so confusing. BabyBird kept asking me why the letters were uh-ohs.



Can you just see how tired he looks in this picture? This was about 3 hours after his normal nap time, but he was in good spirits. We headed home afterwards and he promptly crashed in the car ride home. I guess that’s a sign of a good time.


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