Five on Friday : Things I’m Lovin’


One. Madison Op Art Sateen Crossbody Coach Bag : Now that I am out of the baby stage (for now at least) and I can just bring a purse around with me, I’ve found that crossbody bags are perfect when you have a toddler in tow. I wasn’t sure if I would like this style of a purse so I first bought a cheapo $20 purse from Zappos and when that started to show wear I upgraded to this one. So far I love it and especially like that it has a cute pink liner inside for a pop of color.

Two. Freeman Clay Mask with Avocado & Oatmeal : This stuff has been great lately with my pregnancy acne and just overall oil, sweat and everything from these hot summer days. I just need to remember that I loo like Shrek and not to go in to tuck BabyBird in when I have this stuff on.

Three. GAP Maternity Fold Over Skirt : I’ve been practically living in this skirt lately. Super comfy and easy to just throw a tank top over it.

Four. Game of Thrones : Great show! We were looking for something to bridge the gap while we waited for Breaking Bad to come back this fall, and we fell hard for this show. We watched the first 3 seasons in just a few weeks, watching an episode or two after the tot goes to bed.  Now what do we watch? Any recommendations?

Five. Speedo Women’s Water Shoe : I bought a pair at Target on sale and they have been perfect for our weekly swim lessons and weekend trips to the pool. They fit great and save my feet from the rough pool flooring while lugging a tot around.



  • beckyj @ alazycrazylife

    Oh man, I’ve got a bunch of show recommendations! True Blood, Shameless, The Walking Dead, Hemlock Grove (totally weird and kind of cheesy, but intriguing) and House of Cards on Netflix, Banshee on Cinemax…

    And I’m so excited for Breaking Bad to come back on. Bummed it’s the final season though :(