Big Boy Bed – Ikea Kura Bunk Bed

Last weekend we ventured out to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon… I know – we were brave & yes it was a complete mad house. We navigated the sea of people and got our stuff and got out of there. BabyBird was a champ for most of the trip and there wasn’t anything that a box of Ikea crackers couldn’t fix.

We got this bed and liked it because it was a regular twin size and the added bonus that it can be reversed which we thought was pretty cool.  It’s the IKEA Kura Reversible Bed.

Ikea Kura Bed


We also left with the Hemnes Dresser & nightstand, a bookshelf/storage and a few other odds & ends. The real acheivement was getting all of this loaded into the back of our X3 with BabyBird in the car seat. Big kudos to the hubs on this one, especially since I didn’t help load anything and just kept BabyBird occupied and by occupied I mean we ate crackers together on a bench and watched.


When we got home that night and unloaded everything, I went online and to Pinterest (where else?) to find bedroom inspiration and ideas of what others have done with this bed.

Here are a few of the inspiration photos I found.

Aren’t these adorable? Except I can’t sew – but I love the idea of using Christmas lights under the bunk for accent lighting & using a suspension rod and curtains for some privacy which might come in handy with a little sister on the way.

ikeakura1 ikeakura2 ikeakura3 ikeakura4 ikeakura5 ikeakura6 ikeakura7

We are both pretty excited to get this room put together in the upcoming weeks so he had enough time to get adjusted. We originally were thinking of getting a regular twin mattress for the bottom bunk and use that for his bed, but from these photos I’m loving the idea of making the bottom portion a fort/hide-away for him so he has a place to hang out. While on the other hand, if his main bed is on the lower level it would make it a lot easier for him to get up by himself to use the potty during the night.

BabyBird has never once tried to climb out of his crib without us there. Especially with how tall he is and how easily he can climb other things in the house I am quite surprised he never tried to climb out of his crib by himself. Every morning he’ll wake up and call out for us me to come get him and he always greets me with such a happy smile – absolutely the best part of waking up each morning even if ::yawn:: it’s early.

Part of me is equally excited for this new big boy room but also equally sad that my baby is growing up.


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