Eating Our Way Through San Francisco

Back in June, the hubs and I took a mini-vacation sans kiddo to San Francisco. He was already there for a week for the annual Apple Developer Conference and I joined him for an extended weekend trip. BabyBird stayed home and got to play and hang wear out his grandparents who were gracious enough to babysit the little stinker for 4 days and 3 nights. This was also the first time I have ever left him. In his little 2 year & 4 months of life, I have never left him for one night. This trip was good for both of us – and especially a good trial run before his little sister is born this October. So his first experience of mommy not being there at night does not always result in me bringing home a new baby.

The hubs and I were both looking forward to this trip and some time together – and lets not kid ourselves, we were also excited to hang out just the two of us and eat all the foods. In restaurants. Peacefully. Slowly. Here is our food diary of our trip and all the yummy grub we ate while in San Fran.


2am noodle meal at this fabulous Vietnamese place on Union Square



Pho Noodle Soup



Calamari with Peppers



Grilled Salmon & Shrimp


seafood place

Amazing seafood restaurant right by the bay






Seafood Omelet



Dim Sum


Mission Style Tacos & Burrito

Mission Style Tacos & Burrito


ice cream

Ghirardelli Ice Cream Sundae



Fried Ravioli’s



Deep Pan Pizza



Bi-Rite Ice Cream Sundae