Breastfeeding Essentials


With 11 weeks left until my due date ::eeks!:: I am going to do a few posts on newborn essentials and some of the things I couldn’t have lived without the first time around. And I hope with sharing these, some first time moms will find helpful as well.

Kelly : One of the best websites for breastfeeding mamas. This is my go to place for any concerns from low supply, to what I can take when I have a cold, and how to store breastmilk safely.

Playtex Drop-In Bottles & Liners : These bottles were a life saver. Now you do have to invest in buying new liners for the bottles (though we did wash and re-use some of the liners too) but it was also easy to just throw away a used liner and not have to worry about washing another bottle. With the liners, you can squeeze the air out and you have essentially a semi-vaccum sealed bag with no air bubbles and these worked great for us. Playtex also sells pump parts that fit the bottles and liners perfectly and they attached right onto my Medela pump which made pumping and storing easy.

The Nursing Mother’s Companion : This book is filled with great information and a great resource for any nursing related questions and concerns.

Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags : These were perfect to store extra breastmilk to freeze. Lay then flat in your freezer and I just kept them in tubs labeled with the date. Lansinoh also makes a lot of other great products like nursing pads that I also liked too.

Medela Hospital Grade Pump : The mother of all pumps. I rented this for about 4 months to help with my supply and this pump was amazing. The hospital provided me with my own tubes and cups to use and this pump sure did it’s job. After I returned the pump, I purchased the Medela Pump in Style to use when I returned back to work. The retail version worked great too and I never had a problem with mine, but you can’t beat the power of the hospital grade one. Local places like Walgreens or nursing boutiques also have these available to rent.

Things not pictured that I also couldn’t live without: Apno (All Purpose Nipple Ointment) – I got a tube of this while at the hospital and it was the saving grace for those first few weeks when my nipples were soo tender and sore.