Birthday Weekend

This Saturday was the hubs 31st birthday.

Months prior to this, I had an idea of what I wanted to get him for his birthday and for once – I pulled it off! Now, just for a disclaimer, I am horrible at doing surprises. Just ask him, each year when I think of something great for Christmas I am so excited and end up spilling the beans before Christmas morning. But this year, I held it together and managed to not only keep my mouth shut and excitement in check – I also managed to coordinate, shop and keep it all a surprise until that morning.

Back in his college days, the hubs’ bike was stolen from his work parking lot which was a total bummer. And since then he hasn’t purchased a new one and each summer we always comment on how fun it would be to get bikes. But as each summer passed something else came up: either there was a lot of travel for work, or I was knocked up, or we had a new baby, or I was knocked up yet again, the bike idea was pushed to the back burner. Until this year. Except I am knocked up again, but I figured that shouldn’t stop the hubs from getting one. I scoured Craig’s List and other mom bulletin boards for bike trailers so he can take the tot around and found a great double Chariot for sale only 15minutes away from our house. Score!

On his birthday morning, our darling toddler didn’t make a peep until 9:30am. That’s enough of a present right there. We all got up, and headed out the door for brunch at a local spot in Boulder. The food was good and unique, I got crab cake benedict and he got a trout & apple bendict. The service was another story, but we didn’t let that damper our morning.

Ants are endless toddler entertainment

Ants are endless toddler entertainment

Daddy showing BabyBird how to help a Rolly Polly flip over while we waited for our table

Daddy showing BabyBird how to ::gently:: help a Roly Poly flip over while we waited for our table


Afterwards, we headed down to a local bike shop on Pearl St – Full Cycle. Hubs had no idea where we were headed and when we got to the front of the door, I surprised him and told him that he was here to look and eventually pick out a bike. He was definitely surprised! We browsed around and he got to test drive a few bikes but we didn’t purchase anything that day since he wanted some time to research and get some recommendations from his biking buddies. (After some research, we went back on Sunday morning and he got his bike.)

Getting his bike fitted at Full Cycle

Getting his bike fitted at Full Cycle


Hubs thought he was done for the day, but I said there was one more surprise that afternoon and told him to pack up the car to head to a family BBQ birthday party at his parent’s house. We let BabyBird skip his nap, and instead hoped he would just crash on the drive there (which he did) and arrived at his parent’s house that afternoon for a pool party & BBQ. Even though it was technically the hubs’ birthday, I think BabyBird got the best present which was this dinosaur splash pool. Though from the looks of it, the other “kids” had a blast too!

poolfun1poolfun2 foodcandles

Yummy BBQ food and an ice cream cake from our favorite shop, Sweet Cow. Nothing sweeter than a 2 year old helping you blow out candles.

rainbow rainbow2

Although it did rain by the evening, it did leave us with the perfect rainbow as we headed home. A perfect end to a great birthday celebration!