Toddler Meals : Eating Out

Eating out at restaurants is not always easy with a toddler. In the beginning when BabyBird was younger (around 18months or so) I would always bring finger foods with me and other things to keep him occupied while we waited for our food. At that time he wasn’t interested in the crayons and the colorable menu most places give their younger patrons to keep them busy. But as we approached his 2nd birthday, he got a lot better at restaurants and eating out. Here are a few of our favorite places:

Chipotle – One of his favorite places. It’s convenient, quick and healthy. He loves standing in line and watching them put his plate together and usually eats most of his tray of food.


- – -

Noodles & Company – Loves, loves, loves their Mac & Cheese and usually eats the entire bowl. Best part of Noodles is the causal dining environment. You order at the counter and they bring the food to your table (no tipping required) so you aren’t juggling a toddler and a tray of food at the same time or being waited on by a server.


- – -

Turley’s – Our local breakfast spot. There’s rarely a long wait for a table, and servers and staff are great with kids. From cutting the straw for their sippy cups (kudos to the waitstaff on this one!) to the fresh and organic food this is one our favorite weekend places. He loves the blueberry pancakes and thankfully he out grew the stage of dipping it in ketchup.


- – -

Protos Pizza & Lucky Pie - Local pizza joints. Both places are great with kids and I think it’s almost expected that when you are dining in a restaurant that mainly serves pizza that it will attract kids & family. So although it is a longer wait, you get the added bonus that if your kid acts up nobody’s heads are going to turn because they also have a kid at their table too. Plus their pizzas are delicious and always a hit.