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27 Weeks – End of the 2nd Trimester

Feels like I was just talking about the 1st Trimester, oh wait – that was my last post. Yikes. That was almost 15 weeks ago.

Well the 2nd Trimester went great. Ate well, slept well. Went on many adventures including a weekend away to San Francisco sans toddler.

Now that I am approaching the final trimester and final stretch, I am starting to feel more and more pregnant. Picking up toys around the house is a bit of a harder task and so is squatting to help BabyBird has resulted me in just sitting down on the ground. The bump is unmistakable now and very obvious that I am housing another little human inside of me. Other than some causal glances and smiles as I’m walking hand-in-hand with my toddler and bump exposed, nobody has touched or rubbed my belly.


boob, belly, toes

On the food front, this little girl has the biggest sweet tooth. Although to be fair, so did BabyBird when he was baking. I’m generally not a big sweet tooth, and would pick salty (think potato chips) over a cupcake any day, except when I’m knocked up then I just want both.

I’m wearing all maternity clothes and with the heat lately I’ve been in dresses & skirts most days with my hair tied up. By the evenings, you’ll find me in a tank top and a borrowed pair of the hub’s boxers rolled up. Seriously, these are the most comfortable things ever to wear around the house and since they belong to the hubs – they fit perfectly when I’m pregnant.

Nesting has been in full swing. One week I tackled the garage and organized and purged a bunch of stuff that was just laying around. Then moved on to clean out our guest room aka the dumping room for everything that didn’t have a home. Sorted and went through all of BabyBird’s clothes that he’s outgrown and listed the furniture to sell and/or donate. The guest room is slowly getting cleared out to make room for a Big Boy room this summer.

It’s starting to hit that in 13 short weeks, I am going to have another little bundle to take care of. To feed. Diaper. Sleep. and of course to cuddle and love. The human body, especially a mommy’s body, never ceases to amaze me in it’s ability to house a little human for these 40 weeks and then give birth and you have a baby in your arms.


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