Going to the Farm

Every spring our local kid friendly farm opens up for a few months to the public in the spring and we always look forward to going. Having been last year a few times, this time around I knew what to expect and we headed over on a cloudy morning with no real agenda other than to just spend the morning at the farm exploring and wandering around.

Last year, we spent a good amount of time exploring the entire farm together and seeing all of the attractions and just trying to pack it all into one trip. This year, I let him lead the way and just go with the flow of the day. Except for the encouraged potty breaks, he was set free to roam while I waddled behind.


The freaky turkey as described perfectly by Vivienne. You can’t visit Sunflower Farm without the obligatory picture with the turkey that roams around.


farm2 farm5 farm6

He loved these old beat-up plastic cars you could ride around on the basketball court. Forget about the animals and the other things to actually see at a farm, give this kid a plastic pedal car and he’s set.


farm4 farm3

The best part of the farm this year? The mud. Plain, simple, mud. There were some new tree houses that were being built and it left some muddy tracks, which made for perfect mud pits for little toddlers to tromp around. At first he was a bit unsure of the texture of cool mud touching his toes, but after a few minutes he loved it. (I just took off his shorts and let him walk around in the mud in his t-shirt and underwear, which he is wearing though you can’t tell from these pictures)



By lunch time, we headed across town to Noodles & Co and ate lunch together while pretending we did not smell like farm & mud. Have I mentioned that this kid can eat? He ate that entire bowl of Mac & Cheese which then promptly gave him a carb coma and he passed out the moment his head hit the car seat on the way home. We also ate ice cream too, kudos to the genius that put a Coldstone Creamy right next door to Noodles. Probably the same genius that combined Sweet Cow & Lucky Pie together as well.

All in all, it was a perfect farm outing. It did get pretty warm and toasty by mid-morning but it was a perfect outing to celebrate the start of summer.


We actually went to the farm on May 15th (this is how behind I am) – BabyBird was 2yrs & 3 months old.