Word{less} Wednesday : Pool Party

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Sweet friends and their infant Montessori teacher from back in the day at our local kid friendly outdoor pool and splash park. This teacher has wiped countless bottoms, including these two boys back when we used to measure their age in weeks. The little girl was still baking away in her mommy’s tummy (who was also an infant Montessori teacher that looked after these two before she left on maternity leave) it’s so good to get together again and see how much our babies toddlers have grown. BabyBird adores his first teacher and I just love that he gets to see her each week at school.

This year we went in the beginning of June and the weather was a bit cool for the tots to splash around. But they ended up having a blast just running and chasing each other around on the grass. We put out some blankets and had a great picnic and he slept like a rock when we got home.

See last year’s pool date here for comparisons. P.S. I love how my skinny 2+ year old still fits into his 18 month swim suit from last summer.


  • Your Daily Finance

    Looks like the kids had a blast at the pool party. Its funny that your 2 year old can still fit in the swim suit but hey thats a good thing as well. No spending on clothes.

    • http://mommabird.net/ Christene @ MommaBird

      You should see our basement and the 8-10 giant bins of out grown clothes I’ve accumulated over the last 2.5 years :)