Solo Weekend + 4 Days

Yesterday was my first solo day with BabyBird in quite some time.

Daddy left on the annual Seminoe WY camping/fishing trip that we used to do every summer. Including the summer that I was baking BabyBird except I didn’t know it yet and got the most horrible motion sickness + morning sickness all wrapped up in one when we were out on the boat. One of Grandpa’s buddies is a family doctor and causally hinted that maybe I was just pregnant but I adamantly denied it while I was silently doing the math in my head. And sure enough 9 months later, we had BabyBird and since that summer in 2010 I haven’t been back.

Can I say that I am tired? Or would that be an obvious statement?

Doing the whole dinner and bedtime routine is exhausting. Bending over in the tub with a belly to wash a wiggly 2 year old is half comical and a test of my balancing skills. By the time he is asleep in his cozy bed, I just want to veg out but then I am reminded of the mess in the kitchen. At least tonight I cooked dinner, whereas last night I just made myself a mixed berry cobbler and called that my dinner. Don’t judge.


By the end of this week, I will be hopping on a plane and flying to San Francisco sans kiddo. The hubs will already be there for a work conference and I am tagging along for the weekend filled with sight seeing and relaxing just the two of us. There will also be food. Lots and lots of good food. Fresh seafood, dim sum, Chinatown, oh my belly is rumbling with excitement.

This will also be the very first time I have ever left BabyBird for the night since he was placed on my chest. For 2 years and 3 months I have tucked that little guy in each night. I am both excited and a bit anxious on how he will do next weekend for grandparents. One of his favorite teachers at school left this week, and then Daddy left for the weekend and then I’ll be gone. That’s a lot of changes for this little guy in such a short amount of time but I hope he will adjust well. I, on the other hand, am feeling quite okay with the trip. But ask me again Thursday night when I leave and I’m sure I’ll be a sobbing pregnant mess. I know he will be fine and will have a great time with grandparents and this will be a great trial run before Baby Sister comes into the picture.