Word{less} Wednesday : Pool Party

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Sweet friends and their infant Montessori teacher from back in the day at our local kid friendly outdoor pool and splash park. This teacher has wiped countless bottoms, including these two boys back when we used to measure their age in weeks. The little girl was still baking away in her mommy’s tummy (who was also an infant Montessori teacher that looked after these two before she left on maternity leave) it’s so good to get together again and see how much our babies toddlers have grown. BabyBird adores his first teacher and I just love that he gets to see her each week at school.

This year we went in the beginning of June and the weather was a bit cool for the tots to splash around. But they ended up having a blast just running and chasing each other around on the grass. We put out some blankets and had a great picnic and he slept like a rock when we got home.

See last year’s pool date here for comparisons. P.S. I love how my skinny 2+ year old still fits into his 18 month swim suit from last summer.


Life Lately.

Oh, where to begin.

This month has flown by and I just glanced down and realize that there’s only one more week left of June. This month has been filled with pool dates, photo sessions, the annual camping/fishing trip, strawberry patch picking, pizza dates with friends and our sans kiddo vacation to San Francisco. Phew. The bags have been unpacked and the laundry is mostly put away, and now we I am in full blown nesting mode. The garage got a good clean out and so did our guest bedroom which will be turned into BabyBird’s big boy room this summer. We also put in the finishing touches on our dining room turned play room and the last big project is to tackle the backyard and make it kid friendly and perhaps put in a vegetable garden.


a little sneak peek at our spring photo session


I’m {after I grabbed my phone to look at the pregnancy app} 24 weeks and 3 days along. I’ve got a few more weeks left of my 2nd trimester and I really can’t believe how fast it is going by. Within these last few weeks I’ve felt more pregnant, with an obvious bump and having to remember to slow down and rest. Every other day, I take a nap while BabyBird is down for his nap and a few times last week we napped together in my bed which is just precious. Nothing like a toddler snoring away peacefully next to you in bed.

Speaking of the toddler, this kid is hilarious and talking up a storm. We’ve got full on sentences and I can just see his thought process on everything as he is trying to figure things out. It cracks me up when he asks “where are we going, momma?” when we are out running errands or “what are we having?” whenever meal time rolls around. Having my little partner in crime being able to formulate and talk to me is pretty darn awesome. On the flip side, I am also being bossed around like no other, but I guess that comes with the new sense of independence and being able to express himself.


Monday thru Wednesday our days are filled with playdates, trips to the park, errands and swim lessons. Come Thursday & Friday when BabyBird is in school, I am a mad women on the loose around town running errands, grocery shopping and stopping to enjoy lunch all before picking him up by 3pm. It’s amazing the amount of things I can accomplish solo. But I am always excited to pick up my little buddy by the end of the day and hear all about his day at school.

Missing You This Week

Dear BabyBird,

I’ve been out of town for a whole week, through the weekend, and even over Father’s Day. I miss my buddy!

I’ve only been away for a couple nights at a time since you were born, but this month chained together a boating trip, Apple’s developer conference, and then a few extra nights in San Francisco with Mama to have a weekend together before your baby sister arrives this fall.

FaceTime with Daddy

FaceTime with Daddy

As fun as it’s been taking in the week and a break away from butt wiping, any time I see parents and kids together I wish I had you along. You’re a pretty chill little guy to hang out with most of the time, and whenever I see something new or cool my first thought is always “C would love this!”. I was surprised how much this got to me especially on Father’s Day seeing all the dads and their boys having fun in the city.

I hope you’ve been having a blast with Papa and Grandmama back home. Even though I feel bad not being able to spend Father’s Day with you, I’m really glad you got to have a special day with Papa in its place. We checked in a couple of times and heard all about your adventures looking for surprises by the creek with your new backpack and map, going to the park, and lots of tasty meals. It sounds like you’re being such a big boy with them, and we’re so proud of you.

When we called you on FaceTime yesterday I could tell your little heart was really starting to miss us. Instead of the usual distracted running around, showing off, and ready to “push the button” (end the call) as soon you could move onto something else fun, you kind of stood there gazing at us, not wanting to move. When Grandmama tried to have you push the button you were like, “nope”, and “no push the button either”. We finally did break away against your sobbing protests but it left us with some heavy hearts for the rest of the morning.

We’re packing up our things now, heading out for a last day of fun, and then will home to be with you tonight. We found all sorts of surprises you’ll love and are planning to soak up the whole day with you tomorrow. Thanks for being such a brave little man spending the weekend without us! I know you never want us to be away for too long, but I hope a little bit of practice will make it easier when we have to once in awhile when baby sister comes along.

Miss you tons and we’ll see you tonight!


7 Years Ago…

a girl put on a white dress


and met this boy at the end of the aisle


they exchanged their vows, she changed her last name


they kissed


and made some babies


happy 7th wedding anniversary!