This Moment

As I sit here right now with my legs crossed and a belly almost touching the keyboard tray, I can’t help but wonder and be excited for this new addition that is growing inside of me. I’m almost at the half way baking mark, and it hits me that in another 20 or so weeks my world is going to be rocked to the core. I’ll have a sweet newborn to cuddle in my arms, constant feedings and diaper changes and lets not forget about the night time parenting and the unavoidable sleep deprivation.

But as I sit here and think about what life will be like this fall, I can’t help but also mourn what I will be losing. Being a mom to one.


At 2 years and 3 months old, this little guy is my buddy. We go everywhere together and no matter if it’s a quick trip to the gas station or a walk to the park, he makes it fun. Even on our most boring of days, he is happy and excited to read the same book over and over and play the same games again and again. Life is exciting to him and the smallest of things will bring a smile to his face. If that’s an airplane flying across the sky or an ant making his way across the sidewalk each of these little moments brings BabyBird such joy.

It is in these little moments that I cherish and hope to be able to relive again when I have a new baby in my arms. These are the moments that makes my heart ache knowing that he won’t be the center of my world and have my full undivided attention. I will have to learn and adjust (and so will he) on what our ordinary days will be like.  So as the days start to get warmer and warmer and we venture out on hikes, trips to the farm and the zoo I can’t help but take a moment during our day trips to stop and wonder if this will be the last time.

Will this be the last time we take a walk to the park, just the two of us?

Will he know that this will be the last time he gets to do these things with just mommy?

Then I pause and imagine the two of them playing together, fighting over the same toys, rough housing in the living room and the inevitable tears that will follow. I picture two sets of little feet at the dinner table, and in the bathtub each night getting scrubbed clean and two sleepy kids getting tucked in each night. This fills my heart, even though I will no longer be a mom to one.


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Potty Training, A Week Later

Day 14.

No accidents.*

Too many bathroom trips to count.


I just cancelled our monthly diaper subscription from Amazon. No more diapers for us because…

We are fully potty trained. Holy moly.

I thought we would not see this light at the end of the potty training tunnel during the first few days, but now almost 2 weeks into the whole potty experience, we have made it. We’ve had an occasional uh-oh here and there but overall he has not had an full blown accident like in those first few days.

We’ve been to two doctor appointments, car trips, music class, art class, grocery store, runs in the stroller, playground and the park plus many other various adventures without accidents. Though I always do pack extra underwear (tucked in my purse, because that screams toddler mom right there) and pants with me everywhere we go fully expecting him to have an accident in public and having to quickly whisk him away to change, but ::knock on wood:: that has not happen yet. We’ve even went on a 45+ min car ride to grandparent’s house over the weekend and no accident and no potty break while on the highway. So needless to say I am so very proud of this little guy and his bladder.

On the flip side, we do frequent the bathroom at every place we go. At the doctor office and want to leave the exam room? Proudly exclaim that you need to go potty 3x in 15 minutes and you’ll be able to get up and walk out of the room, because he knows that I can’t say no. Smart little bugger. Though on the 3rd attempt, the doctor and I both decided he was full of sh.. shenanigans and called his bluff and was able to wrap up our 10 minute appointment.

We’ve eased up on the potty timer (just used our iPhone alarms and set it to go off every 20 minutes) to remind him to take a break and use the potty. I can generally gauge when he needs to go, but the difficult part is to convince him to stop playing or to pause to go to the bathroom. My favorite phrase is still him replying back to me saying “Not yet” when I ask if he needs to go potty, and then generally within 30 seconds he’ll announce that he’s ready to go.

He’s woken up dry twice since we potty trained. Once after a nap, and once overnight (which I was completely shocked) but since then they have been wet when he wakes up. We aren’t quite ready yet to night time potty train, so we’ll wait for his lead on that one but we aren’t in a rush to get rid of the nighttime diapers just yet.

Overall, I am so unbelievably proud of my little guy on this whole potty training adventure. We followed Lora Jensen’s 3-Day Potty Training advice and went full throttle on using underwear during the day and I have to say that it worked for us. But potty training is like sleep training, so what worked for us may not work for you. Just follow your kid’s lead and go from there.


In Summary:

:: BabyBird was 26 months old at the time of potty training

:: underwear during the day, diaper at nap time & bedtime

:: stayed home for 3 days straight while just wearing underwear & a t-shirt around the house

:: the exact same potty (just different colors) in each bathroom throughout the house

:: constantly asking if he needs to go and using a potty timer

:: numerous pairs of colorful character underwear

:: patience, oodles and oodles of patience


* accident is defined as a puddle on the floor that requires disinfectant spray and paper towels and may include a change of socks.

Potty Training, Day 3

Day 3.

Zero accidents. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

8 pees in the potty.


Hallelujah! Just when I was doubting this whole process and feeling like this was harder than sleep training and those first 8 weeks combined, he totally surprised and amazed me today.

Today was Monday and we have our regular weekly art class at the rec center. I’ve been going back and forth all weekend if we should go and decided that we will venture out of the house this morning and give it a try. What’s the worst that can happen? He pees at art class? The class is for tots so surely the other moms would understand and not bat an eye if that happened. Plus I was prepared and brought along two changes of underwear and clothes. The class is only 45 minutes long with 3 stations that you rotate through, so plenty of opportunity to stop and go the potty during the transitions. And plus the rec center was only 2 minutes away from our house. With a lot of reminders all morning, we headed to art class and he did great and had no accidents. We took one potty break and sat on the toilet at the rec center bathroom and although he didn’t have to go, he wasn’t afraid of the toilet or being in the stall.

When we got home, I offered drinks & a smoothie (made by Daddy before he went to the office) and a little bit later, he went potty for the first time that morning. Which was almost 2 hours after he woke up with no accidents in-between. I was so proud and we even called Daddy to FaceTime to tell him about the first successful potty trip. The sweetest moment was when Daddy congratulated him on a job well done, BabyBird was so happy he gave Daddy a virtual hug through the iPhone.

Then after that he was clock work going to pee every 30 minutes or so whenever the timer went off or when he told me had to potty. He’ll sit down on the potty and I’ll ask him which of the 3 books he’d like to read, and he’ll usually pee within the first 30-45 seconds of sitting down. Then he gets to help me dump the potty, flush and wash his hands and we are off. Sometimes he’ll linger a bit longer at the sink, but overall it has gone a lot quicker compared to day 1.

After lunch, I said:

“Okay, honey it’s nap time”

“No! Potty first.”

And he ran into the bathroom, sat down on his potty and went.

After nap, he kept saying that he did not need to go potty and each time the timer went off he tried but nothing happened. If he can’t go, then I don’t pressure him or try to get him to stay on the potty until he does, so I just let him get up and we wash our hands and leave the bathroom. Sometimes this means the moment we step foot outside the bathroom that he needs to go, but most of the time he is fine and doesn’t have an accident. Today it wasn’t until almost 2.5hrs after he woke up from his nap that he had to pee.

He then went once during dinner and then it was bath and bedtime.

I’ve started to learn that he can go for quite long stretches between potty breaks (though I do constantly remind him) throughout the day. And until the first day, when I was pumping him full of liquids, I was more relaxed today and just let him drink when he wanted to and of course that resulted in less potty breaks.

By Day 3, this kid has got it. I remind him a few times that we want to keep our diaper dry, but for the most part he is doing it on his own and really notices when he pees a little in his underwear. He also gets such a kick each day on picking out his underwear everyday and I think that really helps. And can I just say that it’s pretty darn adorable seeing this little tot run around in just a pair of character briefs.


In Summary:

:: a few times he wanted to sit on the toilet and then would change his mind and want to sit on his little potty

:: loves to flush, even if there is nothing to flush. I’m trying to correlate that he doesn’t get to flush if there is no pee

:: has not poop’d in the potty yet


Edit: After I wrote this post, I went in his room to tuck him in before I went to bed and could smell that he had poop’d in his diaper. I woke him up and changed him and he insisted on peeing on the toilet. First time peeing in the big boy toilet.

Things My Toddler Says


As this baby of mine grows each day and slowly out grows his pants and shirts, I am constantly reminded that he is growing into his own little person with his own set of  likes and dislikes. Like how he always makes sure every dresser drawer is closed tightly each night before going to bed, or the certain way to arrange his lovies on his bed. And when he gets upset that the remote is not put back in the right place. But the best part of watching him grow up is the hilarious things that comes out of this kid’s mouth. The cute little catch phrases he picks up from school, or books we read or the everyday phrases we use around the house but don’t really notice until a 3ft tall person repeats it back to us. They really are just little sponges and parrots. Here are some recent gems:

::     “No, mommy don’t smush it like that!” BabyBird said this to me as I sat down on the couch and he was upset that I was making wrinkles in the couch cushion when I sat down. Sorry kiddo, but I can’t help that.

::    “Bye, doctor. See ya!” BabyBird said this to the physician assistant on our way out of a doctor appointment this week after I asked him what do you say after she gave him a lollipop. I was expecting him to say thank you, but instead he was pretty excited to leave.

::    “No more monkeys jumpin’ on the bed” When I introduced BabyBird to the doctor that came into the exam room and told him that he was a doctor.

::    “Not yet” BabyBird’s default reply when I ask him if he needs to go potty.

::    BabyBird is playing in the other room and I can hear that he’s getting frustrated with whatever he was working on and then I hear “Patience, patience!” grumbled from across the room.

::    At pick up from school every afternoon (he goes 2 days a week) I always ask how his day was, and he’ll always reply with a list of the things he ate for snack.

::    “Notebook” His comeback phrase. Which makes absolutely no sense other than it’s a reference to Blue’s Clues. Now we tell him that it doesn’t make any sense and he replies “Two cents”

::    “Proud of you” He says this to himself now after each successful potty trip.

::    “Momma, dadda… family” This one almost made this pregnant momma tear up at Chipotle when he proudly announced it to the whole restaurant.

::    “Phone. Minute. Cooks” Home cooked dinner each night is brought to you by the iPhone. Someone has caught on to how it works and will only ask for it around 5pm.

::    “No laughing” BabyBird is starting to get sensitive in certain situations when he thinks we are laughing or giggle at what he is doing or saying.

::    BabyBird sleeps with this Soothe & Glow Seahorse that plays a lullaby when you press on the tummy every night and recently has been humming the tune that it plays. The other day, he pressed his own tummy and starts to hum the song. Now anytime during the day, I can press on BabyBird’s tummy and he’ll hum the tune.


This kid cracks me up and sometimes I have to bite my tongue, literally, to not start busting up at the shenanigans he is up to. He is putting more and more words and phrases together to make his own sentences and it’s such a delight to watch him formulate these thoughts into words. Though some pronouns & tenses get mixed up but I can generally make sense of what he is trying to say. But don’t ever try to hold a conversation with someone else in the room, because he’ll butt right in and add his own comments or demand my attention. I know I’m not alone in this and it’s kinda adorable, most of the time, to see him get a bit jealous when the attention is not on him during a conversation. Because surely mommy shouldn’t be talking to anyone else except him.

BabyBird is 2 years & 2 months old.

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