Memorial Day Weekend

We had an amazing and exhausting memorial day weekend.

The weekend started out with a birthday pool bash. We haven’t been to the pool since last summer and at first I was a bit hesitant on how BabyBird was going to do, but the moment we got to the pool he was so excited and had a great time.

This kid is absolutely fearless.

See that big yellow slide? He went down that about a dozen times with Daddy and loved it. And see that other green one? Yeah you go down that with an inner tube and it spins you around in a tube (it’s completely dark for half the ride) and then spits you out at the bottom. He saw some bigger kids go down and asked to do it too (with Daddy, of course). Like I said, this kid is fearless.





We were there at the pool for almost 4 hours and he loved every minute. The other big achievement was that he kept his swim trunks “dry” and we used the potty each time he had to go.

On Sunday, we went into Boulder to hang out at the annual Boulder Creek Festival. We walked around and ended up at the kid section with a train ride, firetrucks and of course street food.



He loved this little train ride that went around in a circle and then looped through the festival and came back.





Airbrush tattoo of a dinosaur, turtle balloon animal and passed out on Daddy’s shoulder on the walk back to the car.

On Memorial Day, Daddy ran the Bolder Boulder 10k race. We all (yawn) got up at 5:30am and headed into Boulder to drop Daddy off at the start line and we made our way to campus to the stadium where the finish line was. With the sad events at the Boston Marathon security at this race was a lot stricter than in previous years. The entire area where you can greet finishers was blocked off and they had metal detectors and screenings before you could enter the stadium. After dropping Daddy off, we went and got bagels on campus.







Daddy rocked the race and achieved a personal best!

It was a great weekend and we capped it all off with some pizza at our local pizza joint and ice cream. Each night this kid passed out in his bed not to be heard from until 8am the next day. Guess we wore someone out.


  • Posh on a Budget
  • Erin

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  • Mary Johnson

    Fantastic photos!

  • BusyWorkingMama

    Looks like a lot of fun! Great family photos!

    • Christene @ MommaBird

      Thanks! I was so nervous taking pictures with my phone around the pool

  • PamelaMKramer

    Were you at Great Wolf Lodge? What a great weekend! Looks like it was jam packed. You have a cutie on your hands. Thanks for stopping by to link up!

    • Christene @ MommaBird

      The pool? Nope, that was at our neighborhood rec center. The crowds weren’t too bad, lots of tots his age. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Stacy Uncorked

    Oh wow! That looks like such an awesome weekend! I bet BabyBird slept like a log after all that fun, eh? ;)

    Hickory Dickory Dock – the Cat Version

    • Christene @ MommaBird

      Oh yeah, he passed out hard for 3 hours which is rare for him. Thanks for stopping by!