Going from 3 to 4

So would it be cliche of me to say that this pregnancy is going by really fast?

I’m already half way through. In another 4 short months, I am going to meet this little bundle of joy sleep deprivation and count ounces of liquid gold and hear the whoosh whoosh sounds of the pump – a sound that is permanently burned in my mind.

This little girl has a big brother just waiting here to meet her. Hearing BabyBird talk about he is going to have a sister and that the baby is growing in mommy’s belly brings tears to my eyes. I know at the ripe age of 2 he cannot fully grasp the concept of a sibling and how much his world is going to change. We talk about her constantly to get him used to the idea that he is now the big boy and there will be a new baby in our family.


I stare at these baby pictures of BabyBird when he was just 8 months old and all I can see is this little boy looking back at me negotiating his snack choice or asking to stay at the park for 5 more minutes.

I also can’t help myself but try to imagine just what this little girl is going to look like. You see, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have a son with dirty blonde hair like his daddy. I always just assumed that I would have dark hair babies that looked more asian – because my genes are supposed to be the dominate ones. But instead I am looking at a miniature version of my husband.


My hopes for this new bundle is to cherish the newborn moments, because they are fleeting. I will be exhausted, this is a given. But now that I look over at my 2 year old, I miss those baby days and the snuggles. I stare at baby pictures and wonder how time moved so quickly and yet so slowly at times. So remind me in 4 months from now when I am writing about the struggles of how to get my 4, 6, or 8 week old to sleep longer stretches that those days and weeks will pass. Sleep will come – eventually.

Soon enough I will have two little people running around my house, chasing each other no less. The sound of two sets of feet on the hardwood floor and two little mouths to feed. And I will be exhausted beyond words but oh so blessed at the same time.



Linkin’ up with Mandy – A Sorta Fairytale’s The Mama Memoirs

  • Michelle @ Our Three Peas

    Your son is ADORABLE! Congrats on almost being a mama of two…as a mom of 3, I can honestly say transitioning from one to two was the most challenging, ha! It was quite an adjustment! Mine were also all two years apart so that was extra challenging with two “babies”. BUT after a few weeks, we got our routine down and figured it out :) You’ll be happy to know that going from two kids to three kids is a breeze! (just in case you have more)
    Stopping by from the link up! Michelle @ Our Three Peas

    • http://mommabird.net/ Christene @ MommaBird

      I am trying so hard not to focus and remember just how tired I was with one, let alone how it’s going to be with two little ones. But then I look back at these baby pics and forget all about it, mother nature is tricky like that! Good to know that going from 2 to 3 is easier, though that’s far far far in the distance!!

  • http://asortafairytaleblog.com/ mandy @a sorta fairytale

    I will admit, life is crazy with a toddler and a newborn. It is harder to pay attention to all of the beautiful newborn moments, since you are always running and chasing after the older one. But, you will get into a groove and it will all fall into place!!
    Also, I’ll be curious to see if your new little one looks more like you than your son!? We’ll find out soon enough ;-)

    • http://mommabird.net/ Christene @ MommaBird

      I was so preoccupied with being away from the office and semi-working on maternity leave the first time, and doing the whole new mom thing. I remember reading about those early days when you had E and the struggles of balancing your two boys.

      I am excited to meet this little girl and if she’ll look more like me and have more asian features or just a female version of my son/their daddy.

  • Kiara Buechler

    My Mama Memoirs post today was all about how I feel as if the past three months that I was home with my newborn and 3 year old felt wasted. I hope you adjust better than I did! My 3 year old son is an exact replica of my husband, but my daughter is my twin, it is SO COOL!

    • Kiara Buechler

      If you are interested in reading my post: buechlerbeat.blogspot.com

      • http://mommabird.net/ Christene @ MommaBird

        Thanks for sharing your link! I just read it and I felt the same way. I too thought I would get so many projects done (like a scrapbook, ha!) but I was also semi-working and checking my work email too. I hope this time around I’m less distracted but I’m sure it’s a new world with a toddler & newborn

  • http://alazycrazylife.blogspot.com/ beckyj @ alazycrazylife

    Lovely post. I know exactly what you mean about missing the baby days and the snuggles. SO tricky because it’s easy to wish those days away when you’re in the thick of it (read: EXHAUSTED) but impossible to get them back.